Thanks for writing the article @matt I switched off all notifications on my phone for the same reason then added them back on for an app only when I started to miss actions I needed to pick up or actual messages I'm interested in. This has made a big difference to reduce the annoyances. I'll be keeping an eye on your, it sounds interesting.

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Hi all,
here is my quick .
My name is Massimo, I am from Italy and a year ago I had a weird dream about a boy and a strange phenomena.
That image grew in my head and I started writing some short stories (in Italian). I decided to publish them on a personal blog/site – That wasn't enough: bored because of the lockdown, I decided to translate one in English and –a few weeks later– to write another one directly in English.

TL;DR: I think I enjoy writing.

@lilithsaintcrow thanks for sharing. First I've heard of the Open Library Project (tho I use the Internet archive). That's scummy. Lots of info and links on the site for giving money to the open library but no mention of supporting the authors who created the work. What's worse is "sponsor a book" makes it sound like you are supporting the author. Piracy under the pretence of noble work.

So don’t stress.
Don’t fret if life doesn’t happen as you imagine,
Or the story feels too big and hides from the page you’re writing.

It’ll come.

There is a time for everything.

It’ll come.

Keep dreaming. Keep doodling. Keep writing.

Be the master of your own world.

Create races.
Plan cities.
Draw maps.

Build a place you don’t just belong; You rule.

Welcome to the Worldbuilding School.

Poem 2/2

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Calling all dreamers.
All fantasy lovers.

Calling the ones who sit and doodle;
The ones who write.

Calling all who build their own worlds;
Who imagine stories, And the ones who picture a multiverse of opportunity.

This is your time.

Not only now,
But also in the years to come.

Poem 1/2

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If you're taking part in hopefully this poem will inspire you (posted in thread).

I wrote it at the start of the year for the Worldbuilding School.

It doesn’t matter if you draw, write or simply dream of new worlds – this poem is written for you. The people who dream.

I hope you like it.


@ParadeGrotesque That is amazing! I bought one of the original Pi when they first came out. Haven't done much with it, but a Pi4 in a keyboard! Now that I can see myself using.

Wow thank you everyone for such a warm welcome. I've not checked my account for a day or two then came on to loads of hellos, welcomes and best wishes.

The Fediverse already seems like a great place :)

I'll do my best to reply to you all over the next day or two.

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This is my first step into the . I'm looking forward to learning more about it and meeting new people.

I'm a writer by trade who works for a University as their Web Content Officer.

I run a website called the Worldbuilding School which is all about building imaginary worlds. And I'm writing a collection of Cyberpunk flash fiction with a Retrowave style.

Writing Exchange

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