So, I SUCK @ doing these sort of stuff but I'll try.

My name is Veronica. I'm currently a nursing student attempting to get an RN here in the US. I love to short stories. Although, with school, it hasn't been happening as much unless it's school-related. I love biological sciences & history, traveling, reading, and video games (hello Spider-man PS4 and AC: Odyssey). Find me rambling about one of these topics

But I'm happy to be here and hope to interact with you guys soon

Welcome Veronica! That’s a pretty good introduction. 😃 I don’t post much here myself; too busy writing! But there are plenty of people who manage to do both, on this and other instances.

There are lots of hints out there to help you enjoy Mastodon. And lots of writing-oriented hashtags. I’m sure you’ll have fun exploring. 😊

@storm Thanks! I'm really looking forward to exploring this place, meeting new people, and all the good stuff about social media. ❤️

Welcome abroad!
I like to writing too but due to the life changes, I am not able to do so ✍️🤔 like child, moving, etc.

I hope you spend a nice time here!

@hnb thank you! glad to be here and good luck with all the changes happening in your life 😊

@veronica not much, came back from work, I should find a dentist but I procrastinate 😅

@charlag studying 😅 breaks in between are always good i say. otherwise i'll be crawling to class tonight completely drained and probably babbling about meiosis

@veronica Welcome! Post some writing when you have it! I've gotten fantastic feedback, so I'm eager to pay it forward.

@orionkidder hopefully I'll get this chance sooner than later. I'd love to hear feedback because feedback = growth 😎

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