Gaze Remit
October 24, 2021

my favorite works
where someone bends walls between
plumbs winter direct

* * *

Poetry, Haiku 

Pumpkin Haiku
October 21, 2021

this cutest pumpkin
perfection in tiny love
gonna be cupcake

* * *

Based on a real pumpkin from my garden.

Poem, Implied Oppression 

Verdant Lip
October 21, 2021

can’t sleep, too tired, to slung back words
spoken late, repeat, stung deep refined
recoil, well oiled, palm slapped on track
linear acceleration well placed, erased
defib blocks ribs, docks breath, takes ashore
swift reft, reflight lost plight, slaked thirst
get worst, reflect elect each night
spill chart blacklight, delight wrenched herds

all verbs played out

vote sight

* * *

Poetry, Education, Vegetables, 1980s 

October 19, 2021

third grade comics said
eat your vegetables
become superheroes

just keep choking it down
surviving the most ketchup


* * *

Let's just say I have an unnatural love for wee small spite poems.

Poem, Education Fail, Get In The Box 

Dodge This
October 19, 2021

new learning method
found incredibly effective
in carefully selected
high audio processing
median spatial comprehension
upper middle class
neurotypical test group

a panacea

* * *

Poem, Alcohol, Mob-mind 

Mob in a Bottle
October 19, 2021

Bob the bartender
everyone’s friend
pouring again

left hand prey drive
right hand riot
mixing ‘em in

* * *

Poem Go Vroom 

October 19, 2021

malicious compliance
janitorial services
24/7, on call

* * *

A Halloween Poem 

October 19, 2021

saw a vampire
gnawing on their arm

I love me
I love me
I love me

not doing damage
just tasting


green logo on their shirt

* * *

How To Recognize Doom
October 17, 2021

peaceful meow
belly up to the sun
not expecting
bloody everyone

* * *

Poem, Cat "Help" 

October 17, 2021

shoulder cat is helping writing
a stabbing focus now quite frightening
the plan for something dignified
fallen before the pricking tide

* * *

Poem, Nothing Wrong With Word Hork 

October 17, 2021

always write on migraine day
and if voice-to-text leads you astray
if you forget what you had to say
and the morning read lacks meaning

keep the bits that look like something
stir the pot, add some bunting
decorate – and decorate
it’s not too late to retaliate

migraine brain has had it coming
without disdain, no shame in punting

* * *

Poem, Implied Crass 

A Polite Failure
October 17, 2021

brought my marker just to write
a bathroom stall perverse delight
but lost in thoughts of on with it
didn’t check, just had a sit

they say this time does come for each
and nothing solves one’s woes like bleach

* * *

And this, dear reader, is why I went into advertising - and got back out so quickly.


Conversation Rip
October 17, 2021

better to just admit I like the work with a conversational pace
as readily as the iambic motion and deep disgrace of conformity
entreating others, come swim in both seas, from slow swell
to river stands, tidal walls to greetings those combers of rain
in the small hours, hello-awake again, stepping out front
to speak simple words before lifting sheets to mend

slipping in

* * *

Poem, Haiku-ish 

October 16, 2021

spats tack shadow track
bristling intent in step set
fall’s fallow fault felt

* * *

Look, I just wanted a passel of Fs, and soon enough, this happened. It's probably my fault.

Poem, Teeth, Humor/Horror 

Bad Plan
October 16, 2021

next special cleverness
what says we take more teeth than what we pay for
that one, gonna make a special effort

two point five inches
and we’re gonna dig about in faces for extra
bloody well not on

take yer dime
take yer own face t’ task fer low misdemeanor
an’ keep eating sugar-dinner

else dimes in a sack
next hack’s with a lever – two point five inches and a crack
to move the world

* * *

Just. Not. On.


October 12, 2021

hardened ring mud clicks
spilling canter into trot
cataphract descent

* * *


Look, I try not to ask my brain what it's up to when it gets like this, and instead just stuff in more coffee. So far, we haven't killed each other.

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Don’t Tell Frost
October 10, 2021

two paths diverged
and one traveler being time consuming
illegal cloning

* * *

Poem, Fear of Water 

Named Revisions
October 9, 2021

front flipped cat climbs trees
leaps swan-graced to watery joy
drifts new between states

primates flicker warm
cheering laughter urging on
joining abandon

puddle dog swims fierce
despite their name desiring
shore’s clean sprung return

so sweet betrayal
high summer flags a-flutter
aspen leaves golden

* * *

Taken from life, water-cat leads the poodle astray with regularity.


Delivery Service, Me
October 8, 2021

somewhere under the antique quilts
a calico doom-fluff

every dreaming moment
for delicious toes to arrive

* * *

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