Poem, Hunting, Movie Commentary, Food 

Hunt Auspices
August 7, 2022

it’s a fascinating concept
that the hunt worth pursuing
is the one that hunts you

to begin
one must notice
one is being hunted

to begin
one must care
one is being hunted

two very different hunts
parade between cake
and beans

everyone fed

* * *

Watched Prey, got hungry, probably saw a very different movie than most.

Poem, Haiku Abuse, Property 

Memory-Insert Here
August 7, 2022

we’ll always have [town]
perfect Caesar-to-jar fit
laurel dreams stay shut

* * *

Yep, that trope needed haiku abuse

Poetry, Boxing, Death 

Situational Flashback
August 6, 2022

again, I have fallen out of my body
fluttering in atmospheric deviations
trying to remember what that thing’s for

so still

hearing, somewhere far, a bell
boxing gloves and shorts, Death
arrives, all bone and good cheer
ghost of Howard Cosell yelling

round seven

settling in later, breakfast finished
meat healing around me once more
I’m reminded to thank my coach –
leg locks work really well on boxers

* * *

Poem, Null 

Flat Graph
August 3, 2022

in a reversal of fortune
things have progressed from neutral
to neutral

over in maths
laughter grows louder by evolutions
shameless sameness viewed

* * *

Poem, Bones, Death, Music 

Deliberate Accidentals
August 2, 2022

in my bones, radiocarbon emissions
represent an average of jazz
off-beat, off-kilter

something one might late at night
find lost between stations
ideoplastic wavelengths

we are no longer here
we whose signal

we are always here
listened to and listening
your story and mine, inundated

* * *

Poem, Not Actually Religion 

Epoch Draft
August 2, 2022

we think the fossil record random
bones and footprints strewn –

assume those who follow us
will be confused instead by chairs
and simple things


alas, confusion is many gods
indicating an eternity of dance steps –

their favorite tunes behind the wire
bemoaning failed signal
of simple things


* * *

Poem, Horror-ish, Silly 

Empty Bodies
August 2, 2022

my dress form
assembly complete for testing
hasn’t been attacked today
despite sitting behind my office chair
quietly awaiting my inattention
to drop four centimeters in soft squeaking
not quite tightened

a jump-scare self-provided
assigns its own reward

* * *

Sometimes the poems come from life, and the dress form, now properly tightened, has again terrified me, this time wiggled by cats.

Poem, Not In Fact Crass 

Bob Doesn’t Wear Trousers
August 2, 2022

is that a rocket
in your pocket
or are your pants
just doing that dance
all upon their lonesome
over in the bushes

* * *

Pretty sure migraine day is going to be a *ride* this time.

Poem, Robot, Software, Successful Failure 

Rules For Reasons
August 1, 2022

while technically qualifying
as graceful program exit
quality control insists that next time
blighted autonomous device 635
should avoid any cabriole
leading to defenestration

vacating premises via wall
own hole or no
also denied

* * *

I feel the degree to which I am sleep deprived is probably most accurately represented by this particular

ETA correct spelling, oy.

Poem, Summer, Concerning, Firearms 

A Tealess Summer
July 27, 2022

in the outside heat
our inside voices
break the quiet

a blanket still
saturated where insects glisten
birds in golden splendor
stare black-eyed

our outside sweat

all motion
hose in garden
squeaking shower flow
seamlessly absorbed
to background

our outside let

sitting in scavenged chairs
family watches forest
shotguns steady

nesting woods
in pictures layered

* * *

Poem, End Times Maybe, Not Technically Religion 

Insult Aspect
July 27, 2022

o spirits of my ancestors
I beseech thee, heed my call
for thy bodies have risen
and meaning no disrespect
I dearly wish to know
if beheading will be effective

and whether it will be taken

* * *

Poem, Food, Implied Awful 

Social Distraction
July 26, 2022

class discussion on toxic traits
quickly resolved into three scenarios

pizza day
beans day
leftovers day

further, it was suggested that leftovers day
was always Friday not because of the week
food nearly concluded

but because no sane school would house
under any circumstances, the abomination

* * *

Poetry, Tangential Racism, Soup 

Stereo Subtype
July 26, 2022

on asked where I was from
perhaps it was my temperament
that replied – soup

six transplanted biomes
four languages not my own
never fully learned

genetic variation
suggesting a dozen suggestions
always suggesting

wrapped around home
never acknowledged
as from here

* * *

Poem, Legally A Pun 

The Prosecution at Love 40
July 25, 2022

if it pleases the court
that service was completely in bounds
and cannot be proven otherwise
due to lack of net
and other appropriate markings
which is to say

I object

* * *

Poem, Stuckness, Mildly Crass 

Ash Out
July 21, 2022

we don’t bring Bob
to the diner any more

where, having seen
that internet meme
they lifted the lid
on the cigarette bin
sand basin grim
and sat within

stuck, so stuck
two cops, a fire-truck
paramedic and Vaseline
finally freeing them
saying Bob, hey Bob

are these really your friends
but it’s not as if we could stop them

* * *

Bob is a default name, and not one of the Bobs I know, thank-you.

Poem, Writing, Heat Wave 

There Would Have Been Words
July 21, 2022

there would have been words
but the heat is hot
reflexive conclusion
to stop, to rest
to test that energy
leave it for later
in hopes that the clutter
in storms moving closer
will settle the standard
waver the banner
and ease back the shuffle

there would have been words
but the heat is hot
and stopping’s not coming

* * *

Poem, Theft, Accidental, Cats 

Pocket Universe
July 20, 2022

pockets, I dunno
they weren’t nailed down
so in they went

time stood well
bucketed down and bucketed up
now a vent

negative pressure
drawing a swift-inked pleasure
in movement

sweeping all things
before them

this is mine
and this is mine and this – isn’t
return it

* * *

Poem, Crass, Nope Out 

The Eyebrow Cramp
July 17, 2022

one dating app later, just for the quizzes, mind
a dozen dating apps, archeologically sifted
finding myself lifted as from attic dust
well, isn’t this fascinating, clearly manufactured
between x and y, indeterminate markings
rendering power ports indistinct

sociologically deciding
that instead of gentle brush and test for telepresence
applying the dick-pic power-wash
might suffice as a method of identification

* * *

Poem, Gaslight, Steampunk, Solarpunk, Tea, A Famous Quote Butchered 

Reckoning Connection
July 17, 2022

they turn on
well, the kettle will do
a spot of tea for me
for you

condensing steam in waterfalls
collecting leaves beneath it all

they tune in
but the library chair
has room for you
at sea

gaslight gone to solar panels
coal fire long to checkered flannel

among the books
let us not drop out
but fill our wonder here
we few

* * *

Poem, Torture Address, A Wee Bit of Wrath 

Slake Promise
July 17, 2022

sometimes simpler is better
we’ve seen the research
we already know

torture doesn’t work
just some indebted fools
charging ferryman interest

changing the name
still, that pole-and-lantern
gaze unblinking

inviting ethics committee
to dip in the river
sip deeply, sip deeply

mortgage unchanging
loves leverage’s pleasure
in taking

* * *

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