New to Mastodon, and this server too, so here's my !

I'm more of a than a prose writer, but I dabble in both. My poems have been published in a handful of mags, and a couple of thick books. essentially a in my spare time.

Im currently working on:
🚀a epic
🌳ecopoems, and poems generally

During the day I manage servers and build infrastructure for clients, specialising in , , and all sorts.

Lovely to meet you all!

@wickertongue a very random question: any chance you know of someone who works with devops exclusively without a physical keyboard? 😁

@cregox ha! By physical keyboard do you mean a mechanical keyboard? The guy I work with works on his laptop keyboard, so there's one for a start - but I admit, I love the clack-clack of a mechanical.

@wickertongue nope. i mean physical keyboard in opposition to virtual keyboard such as on mobile phones...

i usually say #mobileonly because i still couldn't find a good name for this...

i do all my computing exclusively on cellphones, like most people/users today (and virtually no dev, it looks like), and i really miss a software stack to do simple things in mobile...

not because it can't exist, but just because nobody seem to care to do it yet!

since your interests seem to converge into eco, sci-fi, and devops, and you come from outside my circle, i just tried to reach out a bit. 😁

thanks for the feedback.

@cregox also, I think you can now run vs code on android devices. That might be something to look into if you like using virtual onscreen keyboards :) but you are right, there's not as much support for things like tablets and phones. There's a bit more hacking about involved.

@wickertongue i really mean cell phone only, though. i already use termux, vim, and ssh on android... luckily i removed myself from everything microsoft over a decade ago and never looked back. 😁

if you code and if you care for "real open source" (fsf, gnu, and #agpl) you can find a wonderful free world out there.

i just miss a few pieces... 🥺
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