@Giagia sometimes I think 'hmm, would be nice to be in the office' and then the sunshine comes out and I totally change my mind!

@wickertongue I've only grudgingly returned to hybrid office/WFH because my company and boss want me to. Up to three days in the office so it could be worse. I love WFH, my desk is right next to a window with lots of sun all day, overlooking garden. Very occasionally I think seeing people in the office is a nice thing but it doesn't make up for the commute with no one wearing masks anymore, horrible.
Your view is really nice!

@Giagia the 'no one wearing masks' part of this really resonated with me. I popped into the office a couple of weeks back and no one was wearing masks in the train, or the supermarket, or in the elevator... It bummed me out. I would stay at home even if I did not have an excellent view!

@wickertongue Most everyone seems to have decided that the pandemic is over. Makes me think of them as deluded fools to be brutally honest. I absolutely love working from home, wish I could most days... At least the case numbers are going down for the mo but scant comfort for those who do catch it. There's long covid to consider too. Not fun.
Have a great time working from home and all the best!

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