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Divinin' the Mandrake? Cast the bones, deal the cards, or gaze into me limpid pool of tags.

(obscure is good)
(doing my own)
(naturalist at heart)
(broad interests)
(not enough lately)
(my opium)
(would like to attain it)
(in everything)

Free-thinkin'. Non-conformin'. Believin' in the barter system. Doin' it myself.

We can settle it with axes, or black ink. I'm down either way.

You can't go to a store anymore, or buy a product, without packaging or carry-out bags covered in big-tech social icons. Even watching TV (news, sports, music . . . even indie programming).

Everything is plastered with FB, Twitter, Instragram, etc icons — beating it into the heads of consumers and general populace.

It seems to me that's a front decentralizationists need to meet head-on. Be it more street art activism, defacing of mainstream advertising, or whatever.


and are two centralized platforms I would never use, but they might appeal to users of and , respectively.



I know the is the domain of decentralizationists (though many still happily use centralized platforms) but if centralized upstarts help pull from big tech usage as the latters' reputations continue to erode, that's a good thing, I would think.

There are certain names I'm just sick of hearing/seeing.

"MGM Resorts International has sued hundreds of victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history in a bid to avoid liability for the gunfire that rained down from its Mandalay Bay casino-resort in Las Vegas in October 2017."

The Land Of The Free™


Free software advocates have no excuse for being on Medium, just don't

#Ring, the excellent open source decentralised alternative to #Skype, has been recently updated.

You can get it for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux:


It's in all the app stores including Apple, Google Play and F-droid. (NOTE: Make sure you have the right "Ring", there's also another company's similarly-named but totally unconnected home security app.)

You can also follow Ring's developers on Mastodon:


#DeleteSkype #DeleteMicrosoft

Let's take a closer look at the Android apps of some password managers and see how they compare in @exodus:
Lastpass: 10 Trackers
Bitwarden: 3 Trackers
1Password: 0 Trackers
Well, that makes the choice about which PW manager I should recommend to my non-tech friends somewhat easier!
#passwordmanager #tracker

I hold Bandcamp in particular in really high esteem, I love almost everything they do with their platform.

Their app is great, they have some of the best regular music writing on the internet, Bandcamp weekly is probably the best weekly music show out there, and the model of "Stream until you OUGHT to buy" is 👌

Music, as a regular thing in my life, fell out quite some time ago. I try to keep a thumb on what's new and different, and things I hear and like -- and Shazam (the first app I ever downloaded many years ago), has been really helpful there -- but overall I'm out of touch compared to yesteryear.

Take BandCamp. I think I heard the name before, but never looked at it once. I know it's centralized, blah blah, but I'm liking it, and it might be one centralized account I create instead of delete.

With the Mastodon recommended followers system I notice that there's a built in blocklist under the control of whoever wrote that system. The same recommendations system is also being used in Pleroma.

If this system becomes common (it might) then there will be one person with the ability to decide who is or is not a legitimate fediverse user.
In general, avoid algorithmic anything in social media systems. No rankings, ratings, top ten, top users to follow or anything like that.

Global signals have centralising effects which lead to celebrity cults and other bad things.

If you do insist upon doing that then it should be opt-in and strictly under the control of the user. Not the admin. Not some random dude with a blocklist.

I’m in the market for some light grey desert boots, but I’m not hating these swarthy beasts of a different breed...


I’ll have to keep looking, though.

Currently listening: Poldoore, ‘But I Do’


This one hits home.

Recently discovered Peter Peter (Peter Roy) after seeing a video on late night French video channel. He's an independent singer/songwriter from Quebec, trying to break in.


Notably I've been listening to his latest collection of songs on the Noir Éden album.


A couple of those are growing on me. Bien Réel is especially nice (video also well done)...


And the title track is also good...


So what's the good alternative, anyway?