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Your Optimism is Climate Denial:

Being optimistic about our chances of beating or mitigating the effects of the climate crisis is climate denial. Thinking green capitalism and a few solar farms is enough or that we can continue industrialism and the extraction that it necessitates as long as it is owned by the proletariat is climate denial. (1/3)

Finally finding more woodworkers in the fedi, and mostly French. This is cool.

Three huge pine of different species have been taken down in our hood this week; two just this morning. All seen from our back yard. It makes me want to cry, both for these giants being lost, and for not having some salvage operation to get the wood. There are now huge holes in the landscape, revealing ugly buildings.

Can’t blame the arborists, but man, it’s like watching whales being butchered.

Smell the roses? 

When I stop and ‘appreciate’ how screwed we are by plastic saturation from globalization—to say nothing of the degradation and destabilization of several other environmental systems, soon to compound one another like a planetary rogue wave wreaking havoc and destruction—it’s hard to care about things like schedules, computers, and jobs.

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Watched on Arte last night (French), first aired 2017. The global problem. More serious than people realize. Good reporting! A segment later is about Dutch researchers analyzing food and drink products. They find micro- and nano-plastics in all of it. Manufacturing can’t filter it out. Lead researcher says, there is nowhere on Earth anymore free of plastic contamination and we ingest/inhale it daily.


Same researchers involved here.


The oed has the word ‘lumbersexual’. Defined as a young urban man who cultivates a look of outdoor living (typically through beard, plaid shirts, work boots…).

Presumably this is the big city animal that doesn’t actually set foot out of the office, cafes, and bars.

On the trekking/camping side, the options are a lot more dizzying, but Osprey’s Aether Plus series looks fantastic. I’d probably get a 70L there.

On the other hand, I probably need a good weekender pack before the multi-day trekking variety. It would see more frequent use. Something in the 40-55L range, but it will need some more research. A good tactical pack might be the answer there. More rugged and durable.

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After a few days of studying backpacks, and my foreseeable needs for different types of excursions, it’s clear I will need a few different packs to cater to different situations. In the larger ‘multi-day’ bracket, which is my immediate need, there are essentially two types of packs: those for outdoor trekking/camping and those for traveling (suitcase replacement). The former can serve both, but the latter is particularly good for travel and Eagle Creek’s Global Companion 65L looks like a winner.

Watching a Mont Blanc marathon. A 42-mile run through the Alps. I don’t have an envy to run that far, but I would love to be up there trekking these trails at my own leisure. Maybe one of these days.

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Planting trees "doesn't make any sense" in the fight against climate change say experts | Dezeen

Afforestation is an unreliable way of sequestering atmospheric carbon, according to several key figures interviewed by Dezeen as part of our carbon revolution series. While trees capture huge amounts of carbon, they need to remain growing for a long ...

dezeen.com/2021/07/05/carbon-c #climateemergency #pollution #environment #ecology

I'm waiting for the toots that include the hashtag . Products whipped out with power saws and plunge routers don't thrill me much unless they are really innovative works of engineering. But still, André-Charles Boulle didn't have electricity and his stuff was mind-boggling works of art. (He also must have had the patience of a rock.)

I’m far from being a frequent flyer. I have always hated flying, though it’s sometimes necessary, especially as an expat. It’s a miserable physical experience. I’ve seen my family only 3 times in near 20 years. Economics partly to blame. I’ve not seen my sister’s son yet, already 4yrs. This month I make that long trip again. I’ve decided to get rid of my suitcase in favor of a good backpack, and will travel that way for the rest of my years, be it by plane, train, or foot. Fuck luggage.

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Huh. John McAfee dead in a Spanish prison. I knew he was an atypical type, but didn’t realize all this.


I’m sure that biography movie will be made, and he probably counted on it. And unlike that shit they made about Zuckerberg, I’d actually watch this one.

I feel like nature is revealing some serious cards—floods and record temp around the world, East and West—and it’s just a hint of the deck that will yet be played.

We have been oddly spared in Alsace so far this year, with a good mix of sun, clouds, and rain keeping temps down and plants alive. I don’t expect it will last, but I am grateful for it.

Italy has literally been covering its Presena glacier with protective cloth every year since 2008 to help prevent glacier ice/snow loss. A process that takes a month to complete. The glacier nevertheless loses about 30% of annual ice, and has continued to lose mass (shrink) overall for the last 15-20 years.


I can’t help feel that’s just delaying the inevitable for the sake of skiers.

I think countries should be working on water creation and capture, pronto.

Btw, anyone ever tried to watch five minutes of Bloomberg news? The channel where all the talking heads (mostly Asian women, oddly) endlessly spew about stocks, investments, CEOs, and the global economy...

(Looks at climate change and society's failure to address it.)

I think I have an inkling of what must have went through Kaczynski's mind.

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