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Felicity, a browser for macOS (10.15 and higher only).

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I posted a thing, finally. I haven't proofed it thoroughly and my eyes are blurry after a long day of various editing so I'm off to bed for now.


I hate doing all that double link posting for YT videos to give people options, but how reliable are those Invidious instances down the road? Probably not as much. Don't know.

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@wion To quote Felix Rothahyn, "It's very hard to legislate sacrifice. (...) In our current system of government, politicians and labour leaders don't have the staying power to do the things they know they ought to do."

An arch capitalist talking about austerity in New York in the 1970s, his words apply equally to the climate crisis


Vancouver’s proposed tolls seems like a good idea to me, but only if they go big and strict from the start, no baby steps into it, as politicians oft concede doing in attempts to remain electable each cycle.

The article says London, Stockholm, and Oslo have such inner-city tolls, but I was not aware of those. London especially surprises me. Is that even working?

The only good example of strict enforcement of circulation control in a city that I’m aware of is Singapore. That’s the model!

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I wake to see two blaring headlines unbeknownst to each other’s institutions and sigh at the futile irony of it.

One reports on the EUs inability to protect its citizens from air pollution. (Inability being arguable, but we all know why they don’t).

The other reports on Vancouver B.C.s proposed measure to require paying a toll to drive in the city center to reduce emissions. Citizens are up in arms. It seems they’d rather have pollution and congestion.

I’m having flashbacks of gilet jaunes.

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If I started a self-care IRC channel to discuss various aspects of self-care, would you be interested?

(Please boost.) Thanks!

#selfcare #meditation #stress

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The tallest tree in Wales had been damaged by a storm and was supposed to be cut down, but a better solution was found. Natural Resource Wales, which was in charge of the site, ordered artist Simon O'Rourke to cut down the tree. He thought of a giant hand, symbolising a giant, and the tree's last attempt to reach the sky.

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As I wrote about recently on @matt (write.as/matt/falling-short-in), I'm spending my spare time thinking about a new private communication tool that helps me keep in touch with people better.

Right now, it's looking like it'll be a new email client.

Anyone know what the stocking-like hat on the archer at right is called? Also trying to find more drawings of them.

My sister, the indefatigable knitter, is looking for a front (face) view of how it should be around the neck/chin. (Though I think she should make a version that comes up over the nose.)

I liked the episode covering behavioural psych and its intentional use to make UIs addictive, a big problem; though they don’t cover why, which we know is surveillance capitalism.

As one person says near the end, the industry needs a complete paradigm change: stop designing for user experience and start designing for user protection. That one is really worth watching.


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There’s a worthwhile 5-part series on Aljazeera called ‘All Hail the Algorithm’. Each episode covers a different aspect of how , , and is *impacting* our lives. Much of it won’t be new to people here, but it’s worth sharing to those who need to here it, like family and friends.


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Deep Frozen #Arctic #Microbes Are Waking Up

Some of these microbes are known to scientists. Methanogenic #Archaea, for example metabolize soil #carbon to release #methane, a potent #GreenhouseGas. Other permafrost microbes consume methane. The balance between these microbes plays a critical role in determining future #ClimateWarming.
New evidence of genes moving between thawing #ecosystems indicates a restructuring at multiple levels....


#ClimateCrisis #Biology

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Scientists release footage and images of bubbling methane craters and super-seeps in the Russian Arctic. The destabilisation of these methane beds is now an irreversible and self-reinforcing process of unknown speed. #ClimateEmergency siberiantimes.com/other/others

Watched a report last night about this sailboat, , which is a newly launched cargo sailing ship that runs food products back and forth across the Atlantic.


The report said there is growing interest in sailing ships again for hauling cargo, and, it is hoped, as an alternate means of intercontinental travel.

I wouldn’t hesitate to sail instead of fly, assuming the rates were competitive enough and time allowed. A slower, adventurous voyage is preferable.

I wish I lived in Atlanta just so I could go to ’s annual homecoming concert every Thanksgiving at the Tabernacle Theater. Because they are the best thing that has happened to American music in 20 years, at least.

Here’s their full homecoming show from last year.


And their upcoming homecoming in a few days will be livestreamed instead.


Pure southern country/rock influenced by blues, jazz, and even reggae. The purple dope!

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