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Divinin' Tᴴᴱ Bᴬᴿᴼᴺ ? Cast the bones, deal the cards, or gaze into me limpid pool of tags.

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Free-thinkin'. Non-conformin'. Believin' in the barter system, and doin' it yourself.

Settle it with axes

Or maybe it's that they can't keep giving *everyone* the broom handle.

It seems to me the only people complaining about are Americans. Coveting disguised in shouts of injustice. Haha...

This is how you do it, news media.

No tracking. Fast website. Enjoying eyeballs on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Many weeks ago I deactivated my #Twitter account. Yesterday I discovered it was still there. How is this possible? It’s possible because of the aggravating practice of offering deactivation instead of deletion and the even more infuriating practice of simply reactivating accounts as soon as you log in. Having a Twitter app on your phone will do that, bringing back the Twitter zombie until you delete the account in the app as well. In every app on every device you own. At least I leave hating it!

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** Update your Twitter settings if you're still using it **

They enabled these anti-privacy settings by default, and they're being shameless about it "Hey you're in control! We're screwing you! See if you are quick enough to disable sharing the data we already sent to marketers?"

A Twitter sale to an even worse corporation is surely around the corner.

#Twitter #birb #privacy

Usually when one is using displayed quotations, they are doing so to augment some argument they are trying to make, whether in support of or against something. And in those cases, the factoid you want to excise from the quotation is generally within a few sentences, not long passages of copy. So one shouldn't need to do it, if they know what they're doing.

That should have read '...very little original thought...'

The reason for this question is I've seen websites where articles are basically original thought with long quotations of other works. I'm sure it's done like this to skirt around the copyright request in guise of a quotation. When you're quoting long passages, it's basically reusing excessively.

But I'm wondering if copyright laws allow for this kind of specific stipulation or if you pretty much have to follow what the national law outlines(?)

Authors/editors who may know there copyright laws...

Wondering if it's unreasonable to make a statement about a max number of characters someone can quote in any given displayed quotation?

For example, your copyright requires a request for permission to use. But anyone is free to quote content, multiple times, but a given quote can't be more than, say, 1000 characters at a time, give or take a few words.

My experience with deleting centralized accounts so far would have me give this bit of advice:

Don't give a platform a second email address no matter what. They won't respect it. If you delete your account, they *may* delete the address you have from them (e.g. a yahoo address), but any others will go into a mail list of some nature and they'll continue to hound you with confusing shit

Also, never give a platform access to your address book. Tell your friends and family not to do that either.

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I just visited a NPR site and was greeted by uuugh. But take a look at the very end! “... enhance your viewing, listening and user experience, personalize content, personalize messages from NPR’s sponsors, provide social media features, and analyze NPR’s traffic. This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers. See details.
I love this.

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Zuckerberg hearing at the EU Parliament Show more

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Every account I have:

“We care about your privacy [if you are in Europe, and only now that we are mandated to do so by law]”

There seems to be some kind of spamming going on here in

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🐝 "The conservation value of native bees should not and cannot only be defined by what they can do for us." for Canadian Geographic:

Weasel words. Stay clear of them.

And the French watchdog is CNIL. Here's where the action happens.

Several months ago I deleted my account that I never used. I get an email today about their acquisition to it says:

‘If you do not consent to SmugMug’s Terms and Privacy Policy, you will need to delete your Flickr account through your Account Settings.’

So not only am I not given the chance to opt in to this shit as required by . I have to sign in to an account I no longer have to do it and opt out?

Is their a GDPR watchdog to report to. I’ve a feeling we need one.

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Predatory behavior runs rampant in Facebook’s addiction support groups

Huge groups of vulnerable people looking for help are a rehab marketer’s dream

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Hope the adtech industry falls to pieces on the 25th.