6. Dunk shirt in 5-gl bucket of solution 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water, 5 big handfuls of nails. Let sit 3-5 minutes. (This sets the stain a darker color.) Ring out.
7. Dunk in bucket 2 solution of soap and water. Ring out.
8. Dunk in bucket 3 of water only.

(Still need to wash again though; smelled like vinegar.)

Daughter picked a white tank top, and it worked great. I picked a surplus army camo tee, and put camo on the camo. Heh. (I really just wanted the camo tee).

In short, the process was:
1. Pick a free used tee-shirt off the pile.
2. Slip a board under the side you want to pattern.
3. Lay leaves of some variety on the tee and cover with strong, flexible (clear) plastic.
4. Hammer away on the leaves with a rubber mallet to get the green chlorophyll pressed into the tee.
5. Dry in sun.


Daughter and I went to the community "Bio" fair this weekend (biologique, biodégradable, etc). It was a great idea, but could have been so much more. Not many people; mostly older. Kind of an odd mix of 'stands' that belonged and didn't belong. One thing we liked and learned from was using plants to make natural pigment patterns on clothing.


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"A wise man ... proportions his belief to the evidence ... That no testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle, unless the testimony be of such a kind, that its falsehood would be more miraculous, than the fact, which it endeavours to establish; and even in that case there is a mutual destruction of arguments, and the superior only gives us an assurance suitable to that degree of force, which remains, after deducting the inferior." – David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, 1748

Be the techno-thrill-ride killjoy you want to be. Because tech is not all that.

Latest adventures from the inbox.

Reason for contacting: General enquiry


'I have a Wion device at a home in GA and just purchased one for a home in Florida. Can both devices be controlled through the same app account?'

(I normally don't reply to messages that have clearly been misdirected to the website of yours truly, but I suspected from this person's name I was dealing with an older woman, and, well, technology being frustrating as it is, I made an exception.)

is getting serious. It’s an international cooperation at this point between many universities, NASA...


the Urban Air Mobility Project in Austria, looking to have first air taxi service...

and manufactures of the hardware, like ...

Many other autonomous delivery projects are part of the UAM scope too...

Wow, just realized you can't use the same Wikipedia account across languages. That sucks.

After two years of using the free Oxford Dictionary of English app pretty regularly, I decided to upgrade to the paid version (at 50% off), and even at near 5,50 euros I feel it was a worthwhile purchase; a product that already delivered its worth and more. Now I benefit from offline use and ad-free. 👍

I feel like a dip every time I take a photo with my phone. Most are spontaneous garbage that get deleted. The rest stay in the phone, laptop, or cheap external drive and never looked at again. I have wonderful pics of my kids, somewhere, in their tender toddler years, but I don’t know where the photos are. I miss cheap rolls of film, that process, and the anticipation of picking prints up from the shop. Having a prize stack of memories at hand to touch, frame, book, and stick on the fridge.

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re: climate, what to do next, via birbsite 

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Tempted to write a "Guide for software developers volunteering for nonprofits":

- Hope you like PHP, since they *are* using either Wordpress or Drupal, no exceptions

- version control? Is that when we add the date to the end of the filename of the master spreadsheet we're emailing back and forth?

- Ssshhh: the password is "candidatename-2020" it's very secret nobody will guess it

- the wordpress has every plugin and theme installed, all battling for control of the public PHP namespace

Watched a report last night focused on how many coastal areas in the US (though it’s probably a problem in other countries too) are suffering crop losses from salt infiltration in the due to two -related vectors (not always at same place): Storms and hurricanes blowing inland, and, more critically, rising sea levels that are forcing seawater into (depleting) that farms pull from, ruining them for both drinking and agriculture.

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Leak suggests #UN agency self-#censors on #ClimateCrisis after #US pressure

International Organization for Migration apparently amends programme documentation to #avoid #conflict with US ‘political sensitivities’
Sensitivities include the #ClimateCrisis, #sustainable development goals, the global compact for #migration and “#anything that seems at odds with the administration’s take on US domestic/foreign issues”, an official wrote in the email...


{Brave new world...}

According to most websites I see, ‘responsive’ design does not mean optimal/usable design. Linearizing the layout is only one step.

If the logo takes up ¾ of the screen on every page and the eventual text is some narrow typeface in light gray that’s no more discernable than a pencil smudge, among other problems, well...

That’s why browsers supply a Reader feature now (thank goodness), because web ‘designers’ (and site owners in general) can’t be relied on for visitor’s sake, ironic as it is.

Ah... Not a bad song for Monday, actually. Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer's 'Let's Get This Over And Done With'


With or without our help, nature (i.e. global environment, which includes the physicochemical process too) will eventually remedy the ills and disturbances we have caused, and very likely without our help, as it appears. Meaning nature will remove us from the equation because we don't complement the restoration of balance. We are not all-powerful, in fact. Nature, which has time on its side, is.

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