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A quote from same article:

‘I have concluded that our way of life has a terminal diagnosis. Because rain-fed agriculture will continue to breakdown over the next decade. Unless we immediately build massive irrigated greenhouses, and plan for compulsory plant-heavy diets and food rationing, we will see malnutrition in the West and resultant civil unrest, lawlessness and a breakdown in normal life.’

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Okay this Huawei thing is really bringing up a few issues around a lot of standards bodies being based in the US

The SD Association is based in California which means that Huawei can't say their products support SD cards

And the Wi-Fi Alliance is based in Texas which means Huawei won't be to certify that their products work with wi-fi

And the Bluetooth SIG is based in Washington, which means they can't use Bluetooth

This is a problem

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Would post.lurk.org be interested in trying the glitch.social fork of mastodon?


For one I'm interested in the feature of 'local only' posts that don't federate into the wider network.

I’m paraphrasing and pulling from other Bendell writing, but...
says hope for the future is a fear response and a barrier to accepting inevitable societal collapse, thus a barrier to love, peace of mind, and possible constructive actions that diminish the severity of what will otherwise happen.

Hope and Vision in the Face of Collapse – The 4th R of Deep Adaptation


Beautiful sunny day today, but already too damn hot. Where are my big sky-patch clouds and cool zephyrs?! We're not even in summer yet.

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Last Surviving Member of Human Race Born

Though she doesn't know it yet, newborn Amy Li will be the last human alive from 11:43am March 24th 2035 onward, following a superbug plague

Sources close to the family say Amy cries frequently. It is unclear whether this is due to her infancy or the weight of her doomed progeny.

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8 million salmon have died in Norway over the past week, and algae is the cause

A surge of #algae has killed an estimated 8 million #salmon at Norwegian fish farms over the past week, wiping out more than half of this year’s expected sales growth.
The algae, which has spread at the coast of northern #Norway, sticks to the gills of the fish, suffocating them. Wild fish can swim away from the algae belt while farmed fish is trapped.



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CrossFit decided Monday: "to deactivate all Facebook and Instagram pages indefinitely was fueled by growing data and privacy concerns with the social media giant..." morningchalkup.com/2019/05/23/

Maybe I’m approaching this backwards. Nobody likes taxes, after all. So maybe you get tax *deductions* for having low-tech business sites. That would be incentive, maybe.

For kicks, let's imagine other business types are subject to some kind of website too, even small business owners. It seems to me this would jive with the website movement I'm seeing more of (and love), creating incentive for more site owners to do the same. In turn this could encourage less use of third-party shite, , and other bandwidth leaks, thus positively undermining those clickware scams that drive up CO2 emissions. But how much tax? And where would it go?

If I understand correctly, the idea of a is applied high up the chain at primary source users. I presume this means corporations of all kind, but I'm unclear how for down that might go. Small businesses too?

Knowing the Internet is generating the same amount, or more, of as the entire airlines industry, or as I read somewhere, all of the UK, wouldn't big tech companies with their be primary users?

I guess they have armies of lobbyists to keep such tax out?

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In the past week, Github has made moves aimed at taking over both free software packaging and now free software crowdfunding.

This is utterly scary, and I'm surprised nobody is talking about it.

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Vous faites quotidiennement le trajet Annecy ➞ Genève ?

Covoiturez avec #illicov !

Illicov, c'est du #covoiturage quotidien sans tracas. Découvrez le concept : illicov.fr/fonctionnement-illi

Après le #vercors, avec ma boite on aimerait ouvrir une ligne de covoiturage pour les transfrontaliers qui vont tous les jours à #genève depuis #annecy.

C'est votre cas ? Inscrivez-vous sur illicov.fr/avantage/annecy-gen c'est gratuit !

Aidez-nous à enlever des voitures, repouetez !

#écologie #planète #hautesavoie

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We see more and more project and organisations working on privacy focused apps, services, … great!

But sadly this is more and more just marketing. The most famous line "We value your privacy" is telling almost the exact opposite these days.

So let's do a first step: Everyone who really values privacy, get rid of trackers from your websites. All of them. GA as well as Matomo.

If you want to know how to optimize your websites, analyse your logs or do surveys.

#privacy #tracking

Good stuff in Joana Moll's site, a top-ten low carbon lister...


Some choice pieces...





The Dating Brokers (yipes!)
'1 million online dating profiles for 136€ from USDate, a supposedly US-based company that trades in dating profiles from all over the globe.'


This kind of thing, right here, needs used in regulatory policy to limit/eliminate and web tactics (funneling, calls to action, paging, and other click-through shite...) in the fight for drawing down , and energy consumption in general. Likewise website Controllers need challenged on these things too. Capitalism energy waste is a good target to shoot at.


h/t @jools

I'm nearly done with the account killing spree I started a few years back to lighten my digital footprint. A few oddball accounts remain that I've put aside for last. Not priorities like Twitter, etc.

To my delight, I occasionally get emails from those old, derelict services saying they've been acquired or going out of business, and my account will be closed if I don't do this or that action.

Ha! Thanks for saving me the trouble. Goodbye!
/* checks another off the nearly completed list */

I should point out, the other editor made that pull-request before I posted a link to my framapad changes, so my changes would not have been seen by project managers yet, whereas a pull-request would be loud and visible, and probably more convenient.

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