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Revolutionary conditions are when the people cease believing that the existing institutions will deliver what they need and take things in their own hands.

In some sense, we both have and don't have revolutionary conditions. Things are bad enough that people could rise up, but in many places it hasn't happened yet.

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As Disasters Worsen, Cities and Researchers Eye Social Resilience

"To improve their social and psychological resilience to disaster, experts recommend that individuals be informed, volunteer if possible, and stay socially connected."


#CommunityWork #CommunityOrganizing #CommunityResearch #DirectAction #Ecosocial #SocialWelfare #PublicHealth #ClimateChange #ClimateChangeAdaptation #Hope

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Personal choices do matter, but regulation and tackling the big polluters is way more important:

“First of all, there is an attempt being made by them to deflect attention away from finding policy solutions to global warming towards promoting individual behaviour changes that affect people’s diets, travel choices and other personal behaviour,” said Mann. “This is a deflection campaign and a lot of well-meaning people have been taken in by it.”

I will never not be baffled about how the world remains addicted to—and protective of—social media, despite all the harm it causes, advancing human suffering and destruction of society, far more than doing good for it, for the wealth of few.

(And look beyond just this situation; it’s one discovered instance of exploitation, and we’ve seen many others, of likely thousands that are worse.)

Maybe there’s an upside to habitable climate destruction. Grid loss.


Snake oil 

When I've mentioned the population problem before—the slowing of the decrease in birth rates that most are unaware of or don't see as a problem—I'm approached as 'racist'.

Glad Ripple, and thousands of other scientists, see the problem too.


Yes, 'family-planning' education is critical, as is a 'gradually reduced' population.

But it's hard to see how such programs, needed wide and rapid, are going to happen before nature steps in with its own method.

Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, where big animals are dropping dead:

'We used to say nature should take its course . . . We are now forced to intervene, which is manipulative conservation . . . To avoid losing animals we have to intervene . . .

'we [don't] have perennial sources [of rain] to sustain animals . . . perennial springs have dried up. . . That's why the manipulative way is the only way to rescue our fauna . . . Climate change is real for sure, we are witnessing it'


Lovely green woodpecker just landed three meters from me on the other side of the glass. It took off with a heart attack as soon as it saw my staring at it.

For the ‘spooky’ season.

Witchcraft & Black Magic In The United Kingdom


These ‘evocative experimental pieces’ are ‘inspired by the dark history of the persecution of ’.

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Be very very careful how you talk about the impending humanitarian crises caused by climate change

Never allow your arguments to even tacitly support the belief that refugees are bad for the countries that take them in; focus on how bad it is for the refugees themselves to be uprooted

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Maps of food flow networks within the United States

Source: Food flows between counties in the United States
Xiaowen Lin, Paul J Ruess, Landon Marston and Megan Konar iopscience.iop.org/article/10.

#geography #foodSupplu #networks

Costume idea, in the gathering storm: A tall, handsome man in a dusty black coat with a red right hand.

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In the 2010s people decided they didn't like writing blogs and instead preferred to write "tweetstorms," which is like a blog except randos can start replying to you after you're only halfway done, and you can get realtime feedback on whether the mob likes or dislikes every single sentence in your post. People vastly preferred this new system

of , this might be of interest to you.

First, Brevity Magazine is a good place to read nonfiction of 750 words or less.


It also regularly accepts submissions for such, and they're now accepting submissions for a special September 2020 issue on experiences with .


Also now reading regular submissions for January and May 2020 issues.


Safari is worst of all, sitting here with a dead machine for 16 minutes already, but the same hangups happen with FF.

Could be because my machine is near ten years old, or that our ISP service is utter shite. But still.

I fuckin’ dread browser updates. They always slog on for *many* minutes, render the computer unusable in the meantime, undo things I had set or was working on... Just makes me want take a mason hammer to the computer.

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over 60% of the workforce is used for labour which is not necessary for the existence of the human kind. Like advertisement, or "office work" as in state management bureaucracy

'This book describes, among many other things, the solitary spiritual meditations of young people in the mountains, once considered essential education. Astrological predictions, herbal medicine, winter spirit dancing, hunting, shamanism, respect for nature, midwifery, birth and death, are some of the topics'


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