There’s undoubtedly a desperate and crazy Plan C.

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‘I assure [transition] will be peaceful. We may have litigation about who won the election, but the (Supreme) Court will decide and if the Republicans lose, we will accept that result. But we need a full court.’ – Lindsay Graham

Trump’s plan B, then:

1) Raise early suspicion that national mail in voting is (falsely) fraudulent. ✅
2) Install a Repub stooge in the late RBG’s Supreme Court seat in advance.
3) Lose election, bitterly.
4) Challenge result using new Republican-majority Court.

The main instance for the alternate YouTube UI (whatever) has shutdown. I believe that was the one put up by the maker(s). Not sure.

The software is still available, apparently, and a few other instances exist (too few), but that is a troubling sign.

I use it via the Firefox plugin (Invidition, I think it's called), which automatically routes YT calls to the alternate UI of choice. But, zut, I hope the few instances remaining don't disappear.

Fuck Google, you know.

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Reading Low Tech Magazine's Solar Powered Website is very calming.

I could (and have) read this for hours at a stretch. Every time I spend an hour or so reading this site, I come away filled with optimism and inspiration and a way of thinking that's altered for the better, which lasts for days.

Not many websites give me those feelings. In fact right now I'm noticing how many websites do the opposite.

I don't see many doing this, but I came across a company that created a green timber salvage operation in relation with the city (in contrast with a reclaimed wood operation for personal use, which is rather common). So when the city arborists cut trees or limbs for urban reasons, instead of chipping the wood to nothing, they call this company that collects the cants for building products (picnic tables, furniture, etc) that go back to the community via their workshop storefront. Cool idea.

Speaking of scrounging wood... I took a spin around the community on the bike last week, mostly in the industrial zones. There are piles of pallets and weathered boards and posts everywhere. They do not look to be wanted, either, just rotting away in the weather. Pretty sure I can talk to these business and take if off their hands, but I need a way to haul it. Even a single board is hard and impractical to carry on a bike. Maybe I could line some things up then rent a van for a day and circle.

In other news, I've managed to acquire some vintage wooden planes for a steel! The shipping cost was the worst of it. I now need some sharpening stones, steel wool, and oils for restoring the chisels and planes, and I still need to get saws. A broad saw and a Japanese pull saw would serve well. Then I need to scrounge wood to start the large list of projects, beginning with the build of other tools like clamps, string line, etc. The catch-22 workbench comes later.

As mentioned in the past, my wife has been working from home these last months, and the kids were out of school that last quarter of before summer. So there's been a long stretch of 'too many people and too much fucking noise in the house' for my liking. (Listening to another person's back-to-back meetings all day in the home is literally torture. Don't make people suffer it.) In any case, the wifmxn went to office today (today only), and the kids are now back in school, and I am in quiet bliss!

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"the exceedingly difficult conversation about the downscaling, simplification, and the turn (in the developed world) toward diminished affluence that a 100 percent renewable energy system will necessarily entail (...) they have to believe that they can keep their carbon-subsidized entitlements, their toys, their leisure travel — no behavioral change or limits needed — and it will all be green and ‘sustainable.'"

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Tuesday #column: How the #Cyprus business model of selling citizenships to the world's seediest millionaires may have gotten in the way of #EU supporting the #BelarusProtests. #TheCyprusPapers #writing #corruption

The Troyan Horse from Cyprus:

Macron’s going on about the ‘new globalization’ and all the green targets to hit by 2050, and I’m just ‘same as it ever was; too wrong, too late’.

Blade Runner 2049 

The filming and effects, the music, acting... all good (though Harrison Ford is always just Harrison Ford. I half expected him to call his dog ‘Chewie’ or ‘Furball’ in that patronizing Ford kind of way). Just the story seemed a little short. Leto’s character was definitely underdeveloped, but maybe that comes in a third move, like Peter Wayland in the Alien series. Gosling is good. That much at least didn’t disappoint. The hologram relationship seemed overdone, though.

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Blade Runner 2049 

*Finally* saw it. I guess hyping it up in my mind for so long looking forward to it explains why it was kind of meh. That’s not to say it was bad, but I was expecting... I don’t know. Different.

Seems like their toying with the idea of a third movie, or at least leaving that open. We see the beginnings of an android revolution in the works.

There’s that fucking photo again. It’s news media’s favourite thing to use now, over and over and over... the nose swabbing.

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A reminder that this year is not an anomaly and things won't suddenly get better next year. There is no going back to "normal" and things are only going to get worse until we fix the ongoing climate crisis.

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dystopia journaling 

The sun glows with the pale red pain of a dying ember at the bottom of a pit. Smoke is thick enough to have the texture of sandpaper as wispy drifts can be seen in the all encompassing fog I pull myself through. I've forgotten I'm wearing a cloth mask because breathing is so hard. I should have worn a respirator. We all have one now due to the government goons the demagogue white supremacist president sent to town to use chemical weapons on my neighbors and I who call for the police to stop killing Black people. Honestly, the shots fired from racist militia guns scare me more.

The smoke feels thicker by the second like a tar pit becoming more viscous as you sink down. The bottom has to be near. Just when I feel like I can't take another step the store comes into focus.

I step inside and I want to pull off my mask, but I can't because of the deadly global pandemic.

Everyone is in a quiet panic.

I get my dental floss and go back into the night in the middle of the day.

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