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If I follow you, it does no hint to suggest you should follow me. As always, peruse a person's toot stream before you commit. If you do follow me and follow-out not long after, I take no offense. I am what I am. We do what we do. No apologies.

China claims to have developed the ‘ultimate cure’ for covid-19, a nano-material with ‘99.9%’ success, but so far in the petri dish only. No human trials have been done and no date given for starting any. No reliable word from China about anything yet, or what they plan to do with it. Dangle it in front of Trumps face, maybe.

‘White Horse’ (1983) from Laid Back just popped on in Radiooooo. Lol. I forgot about that one...

‘If you want to be rich,
you gotta be a bitch.’

That’s one of the five pillars of economics, I think.

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“Staff have been told: ‘I hope you get the virus’ or ‘I hope you die from coronavirus’ multiple times per day … Most of the abuse is from the over-60s.” -

I like the sinking Titanic in ’s new globe design.

Definitely one of the more worthwhile apps out of the 45 or so on my phone right now.

Globetrotting through time and space in ‘weird’ mode.

I should trim a few more useless apps out of the phone, come to think of it.

There’s no suggestion of it on the CDC’s site, either...

Only thing I find is what looks like amateur reporting from a green journo...

Yes, you’re not going to be in top shape right away immediately after recovery, maybe not for weeks. That should be expected. But there’s no reason, so far, to think you can’t reclaim your fitness with gradual and regular cardio conditioning and clean living. If you smoke, that’s on you.

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I’m seeing stuff like this being said in fedi:

> you will suffer life long chronic lung illness for life

That’s a big (and an alarming) claim. I would be careful believing/sharing that without a firm source backing it up, and especially if it’s not medically provable yet.

is a coronavirus like SARS and others that cause pneumonia-like problems. Is there published medical evidence that chronic problems were observed with SARS survivors? Not that I’m finding.


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This is the flag of Bikini Atoll, whose symbolism essentially means 'fuck the United States.'

One of my biggest regrets is ever having posted a single self-identifiable comment on any blog., which I did a bit of in the noughts, back in my enlightened ignorance of ‘new media’. What a fool. It’s quite a painful thing when many years later you’re trying to erase yourself from most places.

I’m wondering how much smoking might play a role in the epicenter locations. Obviously it’s not helpful, but are epicenters higher smoker regions? France has a lot of smokers, young and old, and the older people had probably been smoking for decades, if not any longer. I suspect Italy and Iran is no different, China too. Others, I can’t say. Meanwhile, other nearby countries are barely registering infections by comparison. Germany, for example. Are they known for a lot of smokers?

Hundreds of ocean liners filled with crude oil are anchored all over the world; sitting there as catastrophes waiting to happen until the capitalists can fire up the industries again.

Trump on industry, just now...

‘I want to get the industry back to where it was, bigger and better than ever.’

‘We’re going to have a boom economy when this is all over. It’s going to all come back.’

So, back on track for scenario B, then...

If I follow you, it does no hint to suggest you should follow me. As always, peruse a person's toot stream before you commit. If you do follow me and follow-out not long after, I take no offense. I am what I am. We do what we do. No apologies.

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"I’ve got ITU patients on my ward who were previously fit and well so if you think it’s not going to affect you and you can just go out and do what you want then you are wrong." - "my unit is full of 20-, 30- and 40-year-olds."

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open call for food zine 

Jose Ramon Alonso, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Salamanca, Spain, speaking in relation to confinement on mental health:

‘There’s a spirit of solidarity’ among Spanish people. ‘Most are staying inside and obeying the rules. Of course, there are always a few idiots.’


This is apparently some open source web conference thing, but the site doesn't even load for me.

And this I found by accident looking for the other...

I should know better than trying to have a sensible conversation with a nationalist.

If I'm not mistaken, this master's handling of wood twist is an example of 'line rule' measuring and layout. Rather than squaring up the timber first (i.e. edge rule), as modern woodworkers with no historical knowledge of line rule would do, line rule foresees a perfect timber inside the askew outer dimensions and works to it from a 'soul line' reference. Here, dados are angled so their unequal depths hit the 'inner perfect timber' dimension. Impressive!

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