‘We’re in the sh**. We have to face it and learn to live with it. That’s a basic idea in , which Timothy Morton outlines in his book. Dark ecology has a realistic take on the human state without resorting to false optimism or fatalistic tones of apocalypse. It also requires people to take control, and not lay down in the mud with blind faith of staying above the surface without ever drowning.’

Ecology Without Nature


‘The logistics of agricultural society resulted in global warming and hardwired dangerous ideas about life-forms into the human mind. puts us in an uncanny position of radical self-knowledge, illuminating our place in the and our belonging to a species in a sense that is far less obvious than we like to think.’

Dark Ecology: For a Logic of Future Coexistence


Meanwhile, in France, the gilet jaunes are blocking roads throughout the country and at least one person is dead from the conflict, not because of change, but because gas prices were hiked.

Boy, we’ll raise hell for our right to keep fucking up the world, but not accept any steps to save it.

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Lately, many people that I truly respect have answered to the ' #google product or #apple customer ' question by switching to iOS.

It makes some sense to choose the platform of a customer-oriented company instead of the tracking-oriented one's, cos you need here and now a smartphone that just works.

But only a #foss platform can give back to the users the control of their devices.

Let's not fall into the "lesser of two evils" trap. There are foss mobile initiatives out there. And they need our support.

‘Our failure to prevent or even to respond significantly to change, Jamieson argues, reflects the impoverishment of our systems of practical reason, the paralysis of our politics, and the limits of our cognitive and affective capacities. The climate change that is underway is remaking the world in such a way that familiar comforts, places, and ways of life will disappear in years or decades rather than centuries.’

Reason in a Dark Time


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Solidarity with the thousands of #ExtinctionRebellion activists who are now occupying five bridges -- Lambeth, Westminster, Blackfriars, Southwark, and Waterloo -- in central London, UK to demand action against #climatebreakdown! t.co/lhhKChRbip #ExtinctionRebellion t.co/KSjmcLbdhe

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So this is getting interesting. Not.

The hackers in that Pastebin post say they've been working on for months and solicited help from other groups. And while they had Protonmail distracted, managed to install a backdoor undetected.

That comes on the heels of this from Protonmail earlier this month, about a bad dude with the 'Aphosis Squad' getting arrested and pleading guilty to regular attacks on Protonmail...


*sigh* Looks like I'm changing again.


'If you have used in the past several months it is probable we have your Username/Password and your decrypted emails recorded on our own private server. We also have names, addresses (If entered), contact lists, IP addresses, and much more. We would not have been able to do this if Protonmail did not deliberately mis-configure their code to harm their own users.'


The typical climate/society discussion now:

It's not me, it's my neighbor.
It's not our country it's their countries.
It's not we poor, it's those rich monsters.
It's not we middle-class, it's the uneducated.
It's not us voters, it's the politicians.
It's not the left, it's the right.
It's not country folk, it's city slickers.
It's not the greens, it's the reds.
Etc, etc, etc.

This is the root of the problem, nobody accepts that 'we' is collective, that enviro is undivided.

We never will.

Nothing like reading a couple hundred comments on a sensible climate/society article to write off the future.

But I do notice a big diff in the nature of discussion from just five years ago, which was dominated by the usual denialists and cheap shots, etc. Denialists are fewer now and trounced quickly. More people speak intelligently and face up to the fact there's little to be done in time at scale needed. We're too comfortable to try.

It's all about who to blame... who will change first...

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"What does the end of the world sound like?" Starts a bit obvious, with Bjork's recent album but does go a bit deeper. This bit especially interesting:
"Los Angeles-based pair Joe Patitucci and Jon Shapiro are attempting to turn that conversation into a reality with Data Garden, where they attach biofeedback sensors to the leaves of plants, measuring micro fluctuations in conductivity on its surfaces (most similar to a lie detector test). Engineer and developer Sam Cusumano created technology that could turn the “leaf data” into MIDI that could control hardware and software synthesizers, as Patitucci then developed algorithms capable of turning the data and tech into softly ambient plant music. The resulting process is available as MIDI Sprout, "


#ClimateChange #GenerativeMusic

Ugh. This thing that sites are doing now... throwing the ToS in your face instead of the article you want when you click Reader View is really annoying. They force you to endure the ads now. Not surprising.



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"The Plain Text Project will help you figure out if working and living a plain text life is right for you. Here I share ideas, tips, and techniques. I explain how to meld plain text into your life. I try to share my love of working in plain text with you."


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'Rich experience' ... 'make our site a richer experience' ...

Ugh! website makers need to stop with the capitalistic terms and experiences NOBODY WANTS.

An honest good experience would be NO TRACKING and NO POPUP/CLICK-TO-CLOSE shit in my face at nearly every fucking website I try to visit.

It's really getting tiring. I don't even like using the web anymore. A necessary evil.

Where is the the wardrobe door to the Narnia web, where no tracking, cookies, marketing, boolsheet exists!?

'Two tasks need to be performed simultaneously: throwing ourselves at the possibility of averting collapse . . . slight though this possibility may appear; and preparing ourselves for the likely failure of these efforts... Both tasks require a complete revision of our relationship with the living planet.'


I'd say three tasks simultaneously: First being our species needs a birth cap. If this isn't done immediately, all other efforts are for naught.

Not likely.

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Chris Webber, the co-editor of ActivityPub (which enables Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, etc.) is inventing the next generation protocol for decentralized social games & online collaboration.

It is really important work.

I am convinced that there are institutions out there that would give him a grant to work on this.

Foundations? Boston-area universities? If you know of one, please consider nominating him!

Please boost!

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