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Divinin' the Roots? Cast the bones, deal the cards, or gaze into me limpid pool of tags.

(obscure is good)
(doing my own)
(naturalist at heart)
(broad interests)
(not enough lately)
(my opium)
(would like to attain it)
(in everything)

Free-thinkin', non-conformin', believin' in doin' it myself, and other 'in-in's.

We can settle it with axes, or black ink. I'm down either way.

Here are 300 #free Ivy League university #courses you can take #online right now😁

Humanities (59 courses)
Computer Science (23 courses)
Art & Design (19 courses)
Business (66 courses)
Health & Medicine (25 courses)
Social Sciences (54 courses)
Data Science (21 courses)
Education & Teaching (17 courses)
Science (25 courses)
Engineering/Robotics (16 courses)
Mathematics (11 courses)
Programming (4 courses)
Personal Development (4 courses)

J'ai relu ma petite analyse de Blade Runner 2049 Et plus j'y pense et plus je me dis que le désespoir, l'environnement et les relations sociales effondrées nous racontent quelque chose de contemporain. #collapsologie #nihilimse

@wion Ha, I read that too in primary school and was captivated by it without having fully understood it. It led to one of life's early lessons. It inspired me to write a story for the school writing competition that was probably the first time I'd written something a bit melancholy. We had to read it out ourselves, which scared me, but it was well received and soon I was convinced I would win. I came second! Sooo disappointed. Something banal about football won. Confusion with the world set in!

My 12yo son just came home saying his English teacher made everyone create a account. Knowing how I feel about this stuff, he told me.

I’ve not heard of it, but it’s popular in the US, apparently. A ‘freemium’ service, of course, and the Privacy reads like the usual ‘take it up with our partners’ responsibility-dodging shit.

He’s under 13, and no heads up to parents. I’m not happy about this. Educators need privacy schooling it seems.

Last night out of the blue after talking to my sister across the world about our mother, I remembered having read Jonathan Livingston Seagull when I was 8 years old (the year the book was first published), which my mother had on hand. But the only thing I could remember about it was the feeling I had afterward, that the book struck me as esoteric, though I didn't understand that word then. Weird how we can have these odd emotions and not yet know what they are.

I just used Fluid - - to create a Mastodon “app” on my Mac. Two awesome aspects: 1) I can now Alt+Tab to flip back and forth to it; and 2) I now have a Mastodon icon in my Dock to allow easy access. Plus, it no longer gets lost in my zillion browser windows that I normally have open.

Wish I was in today to experience the bliss of day.

Every day should be car-free day in city centers globally as a new societal norm. (Excepting emergency services, of course.)

More space dedicated to pedestrians, skates/rollers, and bikes, with additional above-ground light-rail/trams to compliment any underground metro/subway system.

And, of course, much more space dedicated to greening/landscaping where parking and multi-lanes are freed up.

Google = bad. Let's move everything to cloudflare.

Sigh, I suppose people who major in IT, do not minor in history...

The are going underwater, which politicians have known for years. Former president Nasheed's pleas to other nations for more/immediate action against climate change fell on deaf ears, naturally.

So, yeah... Why not just sell the islands and get out with a profit while you can.

This is how it begins in the face of realizing your society is done. First the sneaky 'get out quick' sells by/to the short-sighted powerful/rich. Then real mayhem begins as the waves roll over the peasants.

Are there any open-source or public domain #pharmaceuticals online? I'm looking at the WHO list of essential #medicines ( [Wiki] or [PDF]) and wondering how many of the medicines on the list, if any, have anything from formulation to manufacturing process, etc. online. Not that I know anything about #pharma, but it seems like the kind of thing humanity should have access to. #health

Go into the forest
Sit under a tree
Feel the bugs crawl over your skin
Whisper "this is not my body"
Slowly open your mouth
Keep it open

Just saw a Slack commercial on French TV. Quite a glossy spot. They must be ‘growing’... And consuming unsustainable resources.

More sobering reports from reality...

‘We are now exceeding the safe operating space for on this planet, and there is no sign that economic activity is being decoupled from resource use or at anything like the scale required [to get back in the safe zone].’

And as multiple studies have now shown, it’s impossible anyway to have constant economic growth an remain ...

I don’t know how anyone ever thought different, TBH.

Ugh, what a bad day this has become. All thanks to me. 🤦🏻‍♂️


I’m not putting the screws to you, but if you don’t have a blog post somewhere that plainly states what your aims are for as far as federation goes, that might be a good thing to write and make public. I’ve been at the receiving end a couple of times now for giving your project attention, and not the good kind of receiving. I’m not a dev or user, nor have a particular position on it. I would just like to know what’s going on so to know what to think and say about it.

My mistake: Path sold out in 2015. Fuck them!

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