A long-shot, but...

About 8 months ago I had been following a on Masto (at my former account, RIP) who wrote short of historical fiction (I think it was) in French and was looking for a native English-speaking collaborator to the works into .

Anyone know who that might be?

Yesterday my original toot seeking someone in Masto received a flurry of boosts, and the person I was seeking saw one and found me back.

The fediverse is amazing.

Thanks to everyone who boosted. Merci !

@wion Perhaps he was at the mastodon of La Volte ?
Which sadly is dead and abandonned


Hi Yann.

Indeed it was you. I can tell from your website. ;)

The fediverse is amazing.

I'll send you a note via your website.



I sent you an email via your website.

I'm looking at your texts... I think it would be prudent on my part to explore your texts for a while to see if I can handle them well enough to commit to anything.

I have some other priorities this month. I'll get back to you in July with a better sense of it all.

Mieux vaut être sûr que de perdre nos temps.

I didn't get anything for now. The form has proceeded correctly ?


Yes. The form gave me positive confirmation. Apparently there’s a problem with your form.

I have renewed parameters ans made some tests, it should ne alright now. Can you write me again ?
Sorry for that


Okay. I'll have to get to it this weekend sometime.


Sorry. I have not yet. Been busy with domestic stuff. But I will now, something short to get emails exchanged.


Just did, a quick note to get out of form mode. ;)

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