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'Let's ditch twitter for something open, and under our control! No adverts, no analytics, no "algorithmic" promoted tweets. 500 characters! Let's use mapstodon instead!'


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Hello 👋 I'm from the state of Kedah. It's adjacent to Penang, but from where I live, Thailand's border is closer than George Town.

@AkuAnakTimur wow, small world - my father was from Penang (and my mother from Selangor)

I was born in England and only visited twice in my lifetime (1978 and 1994) - but from what I hear from relatives or see on commercial satellite maps there has been a load of new buildings/roads in many areas (even in last 5 years) keeping OSM updated must be quite a task!

@vfrmedia Whoa, that's interesting! At first glance, thought it's only from one of your parents!

Can actually verify your statements. More developments have popped up, in and out of Klang Valley. Even across my local city (Alor Setar).

Definitely a challenge for Malaysian contributions: you can actually count the active ones with fingers. Reckon that we've been outpaced with the current rate of these development too! Could actually fare better with more map editors

@wion I'm a big editor for OSM. This instance looks awesome!


Cool. I just found it today.

OSM editor, eh? I’m new to it, so let me ask: the osm map of my area is pretty void of any info. Can I create an osm account and add names of landmarks and such?And do other map visitors see it?

If I deleted my account (hypothetical), do all the landmarks I added go bye-bye too?

@wion Yeah pretty much. You can create points, lines and areas. Choose what shape depends on what you want to add.

But remember the tags, uploading blank shapes is meaningless. The online editor makes it pretty easy to choose select what it is. If you can't find it then the OSM Wiki will help.

Right now you can add buildings by using the area tool and selecting buildings on the side.

As for account deletion I have no idea. Best to make one anonymous, and switch when needed.

@joel @wion I don't think you even can delete an #OpenStreetMap account.... If you were to do it, your data contributions would remain.

The #OSM community can "redact" things if there's copyright violations, but that's it

@wion @joel Yes, please add things to #OSM! The whole point is a wiki. Regular people making the map. We're all making one global map, so everyone will see your contributions. (Don't copy from other maps though)

(Oh to have an empty area to map! So much oppertunities!)

@wion Hello! I have set up Please come over and talk #OpenStreetMap with us. 🙂

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