⑺ Share a URL under a shortened link.

⑹ Share a URL with needless tracking cruft attached.

⑸ Pin more than one toot.

⑷ Cross-post FROM a capitalistic centralized platform.

⑶ Create a bot that follows people with in their profiles.

⑵ Use Twitter's 'verified account' ico. (Guarantees you the king fool crown.)

⑴ Reply here to justify your guilty offense, or champion some -ism.

@wion I can understand all the others, but why is ⑸ on that list?


I've seen a lot of people complain about having to scroll past what probably comes across as a bavarde tendency; i.e. people sign-posting more than necessary, more than anyone is going to read or care about.

Ultimately this is the tool's fault more than the individual's. More than one pin shouldn't be allowed. Especially as other federated platforms could have much higher post size limits rending multiple pins obsolete. Allowing multiple pins opens the potential to abuse them.

@wion I can see how the scrolling can be annoying, but that is a matter of presentation by the software, IMO.

But I disagree that larger post size limits make multiple pins obsolete. Pinning toots can be used for different purposes, and in some cases it's important to be able to find the context of a pinned toot - rewriting it in a single long toot would be detrimental.

I fail to see the potential for abuse? Sounds like it's primarily a matter of taste?


All of them are a matter of taste, depending what one's position is.

You're position on (5) is clear.

But now you're treading close to (1).

@wion ah well, if you don't want discussion, I hope you have a good day despite me :)


The post wasn't meant to generate discussion. I guess that part wasn't clear.

But I'm having a great day so far. Thank you. I hope your day, and indeed this entire weekend, goes swell too. :)

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