I find it odd that some of the smartest people on climate are invested so heavily in big tech platforms. Blogger archives, Facebook groups, Twitter... All that legacy could be gone in a snap.

There's a huge divide between climate leaders there and tech privacy advocates here. Disparate groups with common enemies that do nothing to help each other.

If rebellions stand a chance, alliances need made across interests. I don't see it happening though. Everyone fights from little futile pockets.

The impetus is on green-minded info tech people to reach out to the environmentalists and say, 'look, you've got to get off that shit. [Explain why.] Bring the data, we'll set you up on better platforms, and we'll help you against the 'harrassholes' that undermine your every move.'

There is a lot of work and opportunity there.

Angry extinction rebellions are one front, but alliances with enviros who are institutionally and politically connected, that's a weightier level.

Yessss, all about control. Flow of information, flow of money, flow of resources. The media is the message, in the same way that traffic lights are law. I need to do more on this!

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