Public Service Announcement:

If you know Facebook is bad for society and you’re only on their because your ‘friends’ are, take a minute to reassess your definition of friends.

Have you ever met these people? Did you seen them recently? If not, they’re not your friends. Not really. And they probably don’t think of you as one either. Not really. They wouldn’t give your absence a second thought or even notice you were gone.



Friends are a channel that isn’t recorded and manipulated by corporate interests. They’re whispers in the corner that no one else can hear, whose breath you can feel.

So if you need to use social media because your ‘work’ requires it, then say that (and question the validity of that too). But don’t fool yourself about who real friends are. Real friends don’t need social media or stay on it for false reasons, especially when FB is impacting society in so many bad ways.

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