According to most websites I see, ‘responsive’ design does not mean optimal/usable design. Linearizing the layout is only one step.

If the logo takes up ¾ of the screen on every page and the eventual text is some narrow typeface in light gray that’s no more discernable than a pencil smudge, among other problems, well...

That’s why browsers supply a Reader feature now (thank goodness), because web ‘designers’ (and site owners in general) can’t be relied on for visitor’s sake, ironic as it is.

@wion I wonder if the whole thing could be simplified somehow, for example just have an image with the "artist's vision" of the website showed somewhere at the end of the text.


For the consumer, at least, I'm not sure it gets much easier than just clicking the Reader icon. I only wish I could make it the default view between browser launches, reboots, and new window/tab openings. But then, that might put a lot of said designers out of their bread and butter.

@wion But then you download all that crud that is never used, and the designers waste all their time designing websites in the most designer-hostile formats, instead of simply painting an image and be done.

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