The main instance for the alternate YouTube UI (whatever) has shutdown. I believe that was the one put up by the maker(s). Not sure.

The software is still available, apparently, and a few other instances exist (too few), but that is a troubling sign.

I use it via the Firefox plugin (Invidition, I think it's called), which automatically routes YT calls to the alternate UI of choice. But, zut, I hope the few instances remaining don't disappear.

Fuck Google, you know.

@wion Yeah, that's been announced for a while. There's still some people working on it, but as far as I know, they're still looking for a main developer with the know-how to keep things rolling.

Freetube is also a good alternative. As someone who prefers watching videos outside my browser, I like it a lot.


Thanks for the Freetube tip. I think I'd seen it mentioned before but never really looked at it. I'll check it out.

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