Anyone know what these are used for, and how they work? I often see them at flea markets, but they remain a mystery to me. (The insides of those holes are smooth, so it can’t be a threading tool. And I doubt it’s used for hammering out wooden pegs.) The rods would seem to go with the bored block somehow.

No need to keep boosting this thread. The tool has been identified. Thanks.

@wion Flaring tool for (copper) pipes.

Clamp pipe into correct size hole, smush it down with the correct bit to form the shape you want (conical or cylindrical, thus the different bit shapes and sizes).

The part where you normally use another screw to apply pressure is either missing or these are meant to be used with a hammer.

@wion @yngmar interesting! I didn't know that such a tool existed! Indeed a dowel plate was my first guess too, until I noticed the chamfers on the holes.


This one is older and pretty heavy duty, so probably meant with a hammer.

@wion It looks like a flaring tool aka flanging tool. My father, who was in refrigeration, used to use one just like it to flare open the ends of copper pipe before joining the pipe to a oppositely shaped parts such a gas driers and even the compressor units.
The rings hold the pipe, but. at least in the case of copper, the shaped devices were pushed into place with a screw device delivering the required pressure.
A quick search suggests it's also used for automotive brakes these days.

@wion As a matter of interest, we recently replaced the last of very old copper waterpipe in our house, and some joins were made using this flaring process.


Yes, thank you. @yngmar had identified it. A very interesting tool, but not one I will need to have, me thinks.

@wion what is it? 👀 please, share, we're curious...


It’s a tool for flaring the ends of copper pipes.

You can’t read the thread?

@wion there's a thread? no, it doesn't show up neither in my app or in the browser. 🤷


If you’re using Mastodon (all I know), you can click my original tool post. This puts the thread in context, then you should be able to see everyone’s reply to that post and any subthreads.

Could bee a flanging set. Anneal the end of some pipe, clamp it in the block and then use the conical die to spread out the tube and finally the correct size finishing die to complete the flange formation.


Yeah, got the answer pretty quick.

Can you not read the thread? I’m just wondering if there is a problem with the software.

I didn't see that you already had responses. Boosts don't always seem to carry response indications to other servers until you open the actual thread.


Okay, thanks. I think that’s normal function, then.

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