I like this. A vintage handheld urinal (c. 1900). Has a flared mouth and tapered throat for comfort and sure aim in the dark; angled to avoid spills; and flat bottom to let sit til morning when it can be poured over *that one* neighbor’s fence that pays for needless leaf-blowing. And I conserve toilet water to boot.

(Not my hand.)

When I look at this boundary map of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the disputed region in purple (Nagorno-Karabakh) that the international community recognizes as Azerbaijan, it seems like both peoples are split apart in illogical ways. A bunch of land islands *would* make shitty politics. How did the geographers not see that coming?

'Money is a virus of the mind.' 

This video is a tough watch/listen, conceptually, but everyone should try. There is no more important topic than environmental , after all, since it means potential extinction of humanity too, and likely not far away.

The video is a recorded panel pres from Nov 2018 by representatives of the Scientists' Warning to the EU Commission's Foresight Group. The part about money comes around 27:10, but the whole pres is worthwhile.


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