I’ve started taking the long walks again. I’m going to try and not let winter seasons interfere with it anymore, but the mud can be out of control, though.

This is the kind of thing that is unending around my parts. In fact, I’m pretty sure you can walk across France any direction through backcountry, agriculture, forests, etc, and never see a city, if you map it right.

'Money is a virus of the mind.' 

This video is a tough watch/listen, conceptually, but everyone should try. There is no more important topic than environmental , after all, since it means potential extinction of humanity too, and likely not far away.

The video is a recorded panel pres from Nov 2018 by representatives of the Scientists' Warning to the EU Commission's Foresight Group. The part about money comes around 27:10, but the whole pres is worthwhile.


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