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I realize erasure is bigger than just web presence, but that’s one area it most concerns me right now.

I think there are important/interesting implications concerning environment impacts, too, now more than ever.

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Erasure is a topic I’m mildly interested in. I went through a phase starting about 2017 (seems so long ago already) where I wanted to erase traces of my online self from most places I had left them, excepting my own real estate. It’s still an experiment in progress, but what I’ve realized so far is that despite GDPR, Many site owners ignore requests for removing or editing personal data from things like blog comments. I’ve also been slow to delete my google account, even though not used in 4yrs.

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Coming soon #erasure
//ERASE is a digital festival and conference on the poetics and politics of erasure. It is a hybrid event, taking place online and on-site. It blends the festival and conference format to showcase commissioned video presentations of creative works, and to contribute to a critical debate on the theme of erasure. ERASE invites international guests to reflect on how the poetic, literary, and artistic practices of erasure relate to wider discussion on aesthetics, technology, and politics.//

You lost my interest and time on your site at ‘according to google’s online dictionary’.

I like sketching my construction ideas by hand, and often refine them multiple times, which helps me think through the details. And I like what doesn’t require a computer or printer.

But there are times when I wish I had an affordable (free) app to sketch ideas pleasing enough to show people.

Anyone have experience with the free version of ? Can you sketch the outside of a house easy enough, A kitchen layout? A shelving unit? Etc.


After a long time of not finding one in our area (due to the few in stock always selling fast), we finally got our rower ().


The simple but solid engineering of it is impressive. I still like getting my cardio outside when I can, but this is low-impact and convenient for the whole family year-round. Definitely a luxury, but more worthwhile than a TV.

We had to make room in the office, but it’s doable.

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Cyclone Paths on Planet Earth

Image Credit: National Hurricane Center, NOAA, NASA; Processing: Nilfanion (via Wikipedia)

apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap210915.ht #APoD

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Apple keynote makes me feel a little sick as of late. In trying to explain why to a friend, I surfaced a few thoughts about Apple:

* Billion dollar Apple innovated, but trillion dollar Apple rehashes

* Random stuff stops working across products and services, family reporting increasing number of bugs

* Talks about being eco, but still wants people to keep re-buying and re-buying

* I'm no longer convinced that a computer in our pocket/wrists is actually a good idea

People asking you for actual Twitter and YouTube links…

I mean, the problem isn’t the proxies like Nitter or whatever (sure, they could be designed better, like all open source software), it’s that you share links to big tech content at all. It keeps playing into the capitalism we love to hate to love so much.

If that latter point doesn’t bother you, as it doesn’t most people, then by all means keep supporting the algos. It’s not like it will change the fate of society one way or the other.


Well, some combination of those words. ;)

It was probably Photoshop, which I will never buy.


I didn’t think it was automated, which is why I asked about ‘the steps to replicate’ the effect.

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I love giving assignments that seem nonsensical.

"Write a paragraph without punctuation." (I did say that they could write it *with* punctuation and remove it, if that helped.)

But the questions I got back from it are fantastic and show the kinds of considerations about writing that I find enjoyable.

So emails I received from students:

- "Should we also remove capital letters? Don't those act as punctuation? They tell us when sentences start."

- "Wait, we only talked about commas and dashes and full-stops and the like. What about apostrophes? I know they're punctuation, but doesn't that break words?"

It seems that breaking the language is a good place to start with realising how much you *actually know*.

I love how this woman's photo has been treated. (Ignore the background.) Anyone know how to replicate that with one's own photo? The steps in Pixelmator, for example. (No Adobe products for me.)

I'm specifically talking about the colorization of her; how it almost looks like a multi-layered screen-print. And that black to red to yellow transition around the face. J'adore !

It's kind of like one of those Obama campaign style of posters that became so trendy, but less heavily graphic.


lol. Je me suis battu avec ça dans l'avion pour regarder des films. Ajoutez-y les branches de vos lunettes, et ça devient un vrai nid de serpents.

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Remove the wartime messaging from this and it becomes something I think we should all be trying to do every day if possible.

(Also, writing that image description was fun)


Last I read, a while ago, global emissions from internet tech as a whole (largely server farms/data centers and bandwidth) was on par with the airlines industry, and expected to surpass it in coming years if advances in harnessing solar power are not made.

In the meantime, will we give up our digital vanities to consume less and lower the delta between solar and coal? Unlikely. It’s not in human nature to be so conscientious.

But as I always point out, nature will regulate us.

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