The questions in this carbon footprint quiz are intentionally hard, and then you are chided about lifestyle choices you’ve presumably made.

Ex. I underestimated the hours an LED lightbulb needs to stay on to compare with one run of a clothes dryer. With a wrong guess, miss Veronica Penny suggests maybe you should hang your clothes instead.

We don’t own a clothes dryer because it’s a pointless appliance. It doesn’t take a sassy quiz out of New York to know that.


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🤔 Perhaps if your company has to spend $23,000,000 USD per year for CEO personal security, just maybe you're doing something wrong for the society that gives you permission to operate a corporation. #Facebook

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Bernie Sanders Invites Oil Executives to Testify at Hearing on Climate Crisis

The federal government provides fossil fuel companies with $15 billion in direct subsidies each year. #climateemergency #pollution #environment #ecology

Pierre-Jean Chalençon will be as cooked as the 200€ duck dinners he charged private ‘guests’ for at his palace during confinement. In fact they’re roasting him live right now on CNews, France.

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This is why a crucial part of radical practice needs to be a critical assessment of organizations and movements. If the local organizers are not operating with and continuing to refine and define radical principles unto a liberatory practice that jibes with what you wanna see in the world, DON'T FUCK WITH EM. Start your own thing or just keep looking.

Don't go to their dumb meetings or marches just to feel real.

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Talk to your neighbors. Talk to your friends. Form a tenants group. Start a community playgroup or babysitting coop. Start a buying club.
Plant radical ideas at the center. At the start.

Create an accompanying study group. Enshrine a space for radical self-critique.

Care for one another. Good food, manageable speed, human scale.

Protect each other and what you've built -- from cops, from liberals, from the state, from private capital, from non-profits.

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More snow melting from mountains earlier in year due to climate change: study

A new study says that climate change is causing more snow to melt in the mountains in western North America, which could impact agriculture and increase the risk of flooding and wildfires. #climateemergency #pollution #environment #ecology

I don’t often see sun and snowfall at the same time—in fact I can’t remember ever—but that’s what it’s doing right now... in April.

I have read this article about every three months since it was published in September 2019. I keep doing so because it says nicely how I feel exactly about society, climate, future, and perspective on it all.

Today is hippie bath day, so I read it again, and after all the nodding, I have decided high speed rail construction is, in fact, not what any country needs, North America or otherwise, despite what I alluded in recent toots about rail in the US.

So there’s that.

‘an essay in footnotes to a translation’

I like the cut of that jib.


Amtrak, the one passenger rail system in the US is also its long-standing joke. It never develops into anything interesting or useful—again, probably because of lobbying—always relying on freight rail lines and their speed limitations; thus is slow, infrequent, and hardly appealing as a commuter option.


Travel times and ticket prices are a valid point of consideration when you actually have train options. But the rail situation in Europe vs US is vastly different; different histories and courses of development.. The US is a gas-guzzling car/truck culture because there is no alternative (except jet travel), to hop across states. Building a speedrail system would create tremendous amounts of new jobs. But it has always been lobbied against by competing car, plane, and freight markets.


Yeah, seems to me they could put a rail system in without creating cities from scratch. I get that population is growing, unfortunately, as more people migrate north, but there’s a lot of natural resource in the west sides of the cascades, and that really needs preserved.

Big banks and insurance companies keep pouring huge sums of money into their evil brethren, big oil and coal, despite all the science and evidence it’s killing the world.

But environmental disasters from climate change have been making it difficult for them.

And therein is the truth of it: only a lot more climate catastrophe on society will keep pressure up on lenders and insurers to avoid oil. It’s a messed up way to see it, but not wrong by what little society is doing otherwise.

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Choquant : Les grandes banques ont apporté 3 800 milliards de dollars aux combustibles fossiles

Selon un rapport d'une coalition d'ONG, les soixante plus grandes banques du monde ont apporté 3 800 milliards de dollars de financement aux entreprises du secteur du charbon, du pétrole et du gaz depuis l'Accord de Paris sur le climat en 2015. ... #climat #urgenceclimatique #pollution #écologie

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Insurers have no choice: Stop backing projects climate-risky projects or drown | Greenbiz

With extreme weather on the rise, insurers are caught between propping up the fossil fuel industry and increasing payouts for climate disasters. #climateemergency #pollution #environment #ecology

Speed rail is long past due in the US, whether PNW or across the nation, but the idea of new ‘tech hub cities’ spoiling northwest Washington state due to human population growth makes me sad. Business execs on city councils are the only ones drooling over the idea.


Not to mention video is a resource and energy hog, thus increasingly an unethical choice of media production from an ecological standpoint.

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