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Would anyone be interested in leading some community programming here on ?

I'm thinking along the lines of starting bigger discussions, sharing prompts, holding events, amplifying the writers here, etc.

We could arrange it so that you're more central to the instance than I am. I'm still around, but don't have much personal time to do these extra activities. But I think it'd help make this a great place to hang out.

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@matt I've seen "announcements" made on some instances, do you think these might be the right tool to make more prominent prompts/discussions? They'd certainly help make a prompt a bit more visible than it just disappearing in the timeline.


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@matt perhaps also an instance bot, with instructions on how a user can set their follow to notify of new posts, to help boost visibility of such things? They can then follow PromptBot and get a notification when it toots. Scheduling something regularly can be helpful but I'm the sort who will still miss something even if I know when it's going to happen ;-)

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@wordsmith There's a prompt bot? I'm really new around here. How do I access that? :)

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@bottonowriter Apologies for the confusion - I was making the suggestion of a prompt bot. Your keen response is helpful feedback, though :-) has recently begun a effort though, which may interest you.

@wordsmith Thank you for the tip. I'm one of those people who love writing but need a nudge to actually get going. I've collected another nudge, thanks to you.

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