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Artists like @cind are why folk should unashamedly boost their older , and toots because I fear I might miss something if I don't want to go and consume the whole back catalogue in one sitting; you all deserve to be savoured.

Horror/creative writing 

I note from Reliable Sources ( @Kathaja ) that is a thing, so I present trio of small literary submissions that I wrote for the open source card game "Hypnagonia" dbzer0.itch.io/hypnagonia This serves as flavour text for an addition to the torments that one must overcome to escape the dream. This Torment is based around a recurring dream that the Dreamer knows well...and dreads even more.

Microblogging platforms aren't set up for walls of text by design and yet I rather enjoy the feeling of into arbitrary splits, small fragments making up a whole. How one toot is one chapter, tiny and complete yet part of a whole.

Then I copy and paste them to my journal and wince at how I made a hash of the story and missed out parts, but it's fine: it's a stream of consciousness and can be "fixed" on a more suitable platform.

If you want to make it easier for readers to find your or on write.as, don't forget to tag your posts. The poetry tag there is looking particularly unloved but I know there's verse in that universe.

a or longer and breaking it up into multiple toots? Putting out a stream of consciousness? If each toot is a reply to the previous, and you set all but the first to Unlisted, they'll maintain thread and context but won't spam the timelines or your followers' homeline.

What songs could be sung of a surface without feature
of the land with no valley, no hill, no life?

What canvas would inspire when bereft of painter's brush
no emotion felt and none described?

What would spill from the pen
filled with the emptiness of perfection?

I shall now find a proper writing implement and hone these musings. Anyone else have any incubatory to share?

A poet friend is asking for advice from published authors about the publishing process - does anyone in the community have anything to offer?

"Huh? Can't be out of ink already". Scribbled swirls on a scrap of paper bled from the nib, a masterwork of nanotechnology meant this pen would keep painting words years after it started. Words, swirls, anything the artist desired.

Well, not anything...

( thread)

If you can't write, you can still inspire it in others, or simply stay and read what's being written. Reading others is not a subtractive behaviour. Stay connected to the through others.

Listening and reading of novelists wading through editing, pushing themselves up the mountain, or simply standing at its base, agog. I look at my tiny molehill poems and I'm glad I am driven to poetry, rather than anything with legs.

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