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the year is 2025. openai lobbies congress to force websites that publish user-generated content to guarantee content is free of synthetic data (and mark it as such w/metadata in the html). google lobbies for compulsory no-cost licensing of all content published to the web, unless the site owner follows [proprietary standard that costs millions to implement]. facebook pays below poverty wages to thousands of contractors in locked, device-free rooms to type sentences, any sentences as LM fodder

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Art people of Mastodon: any recommendations for books or other resources on learning color theory? Boosts extremely welcome

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Until today, I didn't have a clue that a ball of yarn is also called a clew, did you?


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September 17, 2021

in frosted nights
we dream of burning
our coal scuttle hearts crisp

awaiting chute rattle
approaching furnace resonance

pressure only wind
turbulent beyond grate
chaotic fibrillation

* * *

@Algot I've always found the connected, colourful pentagon a cheerful logo. A rally point for all of those harmed or disillusioned with capitalistic social media is certainly an apt form of iconography.

@Algot I'm also not a huge fan of communities rallying around flags. They vaguely smell of tribalism, which we desperately need to shed before we can truly come together.

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Inspired by World War Crow green text reddit.com/r/greentext/comment


"Reggie, what if the tree huggers were right?"

"Right about what?"

"That the human will one day abandon us. That the human has no intention of keeping us fed, and did it purely for his entertainment."

"Please don't tell me you're falling for that bullshit too."

"I mean, I'm not supporting our enemy obviously, but what if...?"


@checkervest Down with orange and blue doldrums. Bring on the rainbows!

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Would you record yourself reading some of your toots for me and send them to me?

Boosts appreciated.

I'm thinking about an art project. No promises if that will ever be finished.

@qwazix Rut roh, someone just invited me to read my to them.

the witcher season 1 

@checkervest When he left the crag he vowed to hide his dragon form out of shame, and chose to present himself as a human bard. He lives an itinerant life to hide his apparent lack of ageing, which has made it difficult for him to form lasting relationships. He has left a string of angry husbands, wives and jilted lovers in his wake, as well as a few catchy tunes.

the witcher season 1 

@checkervest Jaskier is the progeny of a red and a green dragon. Rather than hatching with a set of fetching russet scales, he suffered an unfortunate genetic oddity whereby he ended up with a chequerboard of red and green scales. Growing up, the other dragons picked on him because of his pigments, calling him a "dragclown".

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these notebooks have come alive.
crawling, searching for some fingers
to make their pages fill up
appetites sated


@checkervest Literally just finished filing two police reports and emailed a company for a third incident, asking for driver details. Suffice it to say: I empathise.

Shoutout to the bus driver who winked their indicators at me after I waited for them to pull out. As a cyclist who's a child inside I cannot describe how exciting that was :-D

@derek I completely missed Thursday, which means like I've had two Fridays, but it sure doesn't feel like it. Should I have signed a release form?

"Set Brain To Neutral Before Passing This Point"

Danny Trejo is legendarily stoic in them.

I hope you've seen the Machete series of films. No spoilers but she's in them.

I also hope you haven't seen them because they're Slurm. I love them anyway.

She was the badass helicopter pilot, sporting war paint and everything.

@checkervest that they killed off Michelle Rodriguez's character because that is the destiny of all but her best character arcs.

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