support is live! You can now follow *Public* blogs from Mastodon, such as our @blog

It's limited to Public blogs right now (a paid feature) so we can slowly roll this out and plug holes as needed -- once I'm confident things are stable in the next few days, it'll be available to everyone for free.

You can read a bit more about the update, and I'd love to hear any feedback / ideas / bugs here!


support is now available to everyone! 🎉 🎊 :fediverse: blogs don't federate by default, so to enable it you can either sign up with our new page:, or if you're already on, go to your blog's Customize page and click "Enable federation"

Note this also includes support for custom domains. So if your domain is hosted with us, you can now choose your handle when you enable federation and your blog will be accessible in the fediverse!

@slipstream Don't think I'll ever make it the default on the hosted version, since privacy-as-default always comes first.

But once we're open source people can choose the default they like.

@write_as @slipstream so we just make an different account then this one?? Don't mind it.

@write_as you forgot mastodon and hubzilla... on your website.. instead of medium and twitter? :wavey:

@ajeremias Great point, just haven't updated everything yet 🙂

@write_as fascinating to have the option to turn federation off and on per *user* (rather than per instance). I wonder if this could be made an option in micro-blogging apps like (eg #GNUsocial, #Mastodon), as well as in other federated tools like #Hubzilla and #Friendica? Each user could toggle federation on and off from the POV of their UI, without impacting on what anyone else on the instance can and can't access.

@write_as Question -- does updating an article on also send an Update activity to the outbox? I changed the slug on a post and I need to know whether to blame y'all or Mastodon for not updating the URL here. ;)

@trwnh Ah, definitely our fault -- we're not sending that activity yet (more info: I'll get it in there next.

@trwnh Hey, Update activities are now being sent out, but it sounds like Mastodon doesn't do anything with them unfortunately. Still, it should work on any other platform that accepts them.

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