It's official: our first desktop app will be for Linux / desktops.

And it's coming out this week πŸ˜€

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@timapple ❀️ and I love when you have plenty of memory left to do other things after running this app!

@write_as That looks like an Elementary app. Are you sure you want to claim (and maintain it) as Cross Desktop compatible? Just cause it might be able to run on GNOME/KDE/w.e it wont mean that it will look and function as expected.

I hope the burden that comes with such claim will not big on you, but that hasn't been my experience thus far.

@alatiera It's a pretty simple app that really shouldn't have too many problems. But what kind of things should I be looking out for?

@write_as How did I miss this? Maybe I follow to many people. Good to hear about this.

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