v0.2 is now available!

This version is basically good enough to host yourself, i.e. I don't think there will be any major changes in the near future that you'll have to work around. And if you do try self-hosting, I'd love to hear what the experience was like.

I've also created a test instance here: -- please test it out and let me know what you think!

@aemeera It's basically a federated alternative to Feedly that works with today, and will eventually support classic RSS/Atom, too.

The idea is to have a dedicated reading app for long-form articles published via all the federated blogging platforms out there, like ours, ,, etc.

@write_as oh, wonderful! Ok, I thought that was what it might be but I didn’t want to make a wrong guess. Glad to see you guys working on that! I’ll keep an eye out.


So what happens if a blog post is over 500 characters and someone subscribes via Mastodon? What do they see?

@Blort They'll still just see the post title and the URL -- blog posts get sent out as a special type that Mastodon recognizes as longer ones, so it always displays them the same way.

So this is the reason for -- having a way to subscribe to and read these long posts.

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