Just started a instance for demos, tutorials, etc. πŸŽ₯ (It was actually easier than I thought it'd be.)

If you'd like to follow: @writeas

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@write_as So, silly question, how do I remote follow that? Couldn't seem to find a control for that.

@aral Yeah, I guess there isn't a button in PeerTube right now. So you'd just search: in Masto and it should find the account. (And then I believe the @mention in that post will open the local account on your instance, instead of the PeerTube page.)

@write_as @aral

Putting the URL of the PeerTube page into the Mastodon search box works too.

@write_as @aral I am getting a 504 error when I do that from's web interface. Doesn't give much else except that number in the corner. (tried with/without the @ in front)

@ultimape Yeah, I've been having trouble doing it on there too -- but works on other instances I've tried. Hopefully just a temporary issue?

@fcthiesen Yeah, something's up with right now where search is timing out (related toot:

Maybe @Gargron knows what's going on?


I'm having trouble, too, and I'm not on As others have said, it just times out. It also doesn't come up when I search "at" writeas.

The video was nicely done, though. Can't wait for #Peertube to get that subscribe button!

@Blort Thanks! Yeah, odd that it's only happening on certain instances -- I'm not sure what would be causing it πŸ˜•

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