Fixed it so you can search for blogs in the fediverse :fediverse: by URL, instead of handle — including those on, our subdomain, or a custom domain.

This is especially useful for custom domains when the username isn't clear — e.g. try searching for:

In the pipeline still: a remote follow button on blogs with federation enabled.

@write_as Regarding Fediverse/federation support: It's not possible to see the comments on posts for example from Mastodon from the account itself (yet), right?

@esureL Right, at the moment they would stay on Mastodon and not show up on

@write_as I see. Feels a bit weird that I would basically have to access comments from another instance, as their is no "Mastodon view" or anyhting else on :-)

But I totally see that it's not an easy problem to solve, especially with your product philosophy in mind.

Thanks for the confirmation!

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