I can't decide between using @write_as and Plume (@Bat) for a blog, so I think I will use both!

One will be a general blog, and another will be for development only!

(I am aware Write.as isn't open source yet, github isnt either and that doesn't stop pixelfed from using it)

Hi @dansup and thanks for all the work on PixelFed! I can't wait to read about that journey.

I'm very pleased to see you will use #Plume (@Bat)! It is a very nice project by a very young person. It really has the "pioneers' web" spirit.

Others have already expressed what is the main issue with @write_as. The UX looks more polished, and the product in a more advanced state. Not being open source is not an issue, but as long as the code is not available the #openwashing call is legit


@thibaultamartin I think it's hard to call this project when you see all the free software work I already do (github.com/writeas) and how transparent I'm being about my goals (@matt). I don't think I, personally, have done anything to deserve the title.

Either way, if PixelFed only uses or uses us both, I think it's great. I just want to see the fediverse continue to grow with more projects like @Bat's and @dansup's, who are both doing incredible work 🙌

@write_as @matt @Bat @dansup I tried your product and it is quite polished. I sincerely wish it will become Libre, and if not, at least open source.

In the meantime, having open source dependencies does not make the whoke project open source, even if you wrote the dependencies yourself.

The Libre community is pretty strict regarding licensing as there have been many abuses.

Until all the code is open, I cannot change my stance

@thibaultamartin Right, which is why I've never claimed the whole project is open source today. So again, just not sure how it's openwashing.

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