Code is finished on the Linux app -- last thing holding it up is figuring out packaging. Hoping to have that done this week!

@write_as really excited for this! Have you considered using Rust for any of the Write apps (or `as` ecosystem)?

I'd be happy to help with dev, but i'm in the midst of a pretty big project right now. I'll probably join in in a few months, though. On whatever open-source at least

@insidious Awesome, it'd be great to have any help you can offer!

I haven't tried Rust, as Go has been pretty good for everything so far, and I know it well. But if there were developers that would help build and maintain it, I'd definitely consider doing a future app in Rust. On my own it's just a bit too much time / effort to start over with a new language right now 🙂

@write_as have you looked at flatpak/snaps as a distro independent package?

@rtwx I know they're out there, but I'm not familiar with them at all. Would you know how to set them up, or know anyone who would?

@write_as I’m not familiar with them either honestly. I would contact @popey and @Wimpress for snaps, flatpak I don’t know sorry.

@popey @rtwx @Wimpress Awesome, thank you so much! I'm happy to continue this conversation here or over email (

Basically I need to get the GTK app ( packaged up with the CLI that it relies on ( Not sure how that should all be organized

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