Want to try out ? We've opened up registrations on our test instance for the next few hours!


This instance is only for testing out the latest install of WriteFreely. For a permanent instance, join or any other open instance here:

So is a plain instance of WriteFreely, or is there some difference between the hosted and open versions?

@y6nH is WriteFreely with a few things added on, like completely anonymous posting, support for different domains (path, subdomain, or custom domain), things that are harder to configure (like posting via email), and some features behind paid tiers.

The idea was to make WriteFreely as simple as possible to self-host, and keep up our privacy-focused service ( to help sustain all the work.

@:spacecore: Hugh It seems that WriteFreely doesn't have the public posting / Listed option that WriteAs have. Based on the demo at least, it only have Unlisted, Private, and Password-protected.

Then again, I could be wrong. They probably disabled that option in the demo. Personally, I was hoping for a software demo (to convince us to install our own) not an instance demo (we have WriteAs for that). Do you have plans for that?

@yahananxie Right, that option only controlled publishing to, so it doesn't apply to the self-hosted version.

What did you want to see in the software demo? Setting it up?


This message is confusing. Is running WriteFreely now?

@clacke WriteFreely is just the name of the open source software behind :)

Aha! I was under the impression that WriteFreely was a reimplementation. Thanks for the clarification!
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