@mike @CrowderSoup @dansup Great!

Some follow-up questions:

- Should it be publicly visible, or only visible to logged in users? Maybe an instance-wide admin option?
- Should all users on an instance be included in it by default? Opt-in? Opt-out? (Especially if the timeline is public)
- Would you expect to be able to interact with posts in the timeline (e.g. follow, reply, boost)?


@geotechland @mike @CrowderSoup @dansup @erosdiscordia @angedestenebres @tekmav@mastodon.technology @yahananxie Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Taking all of this in consideration, especially for future improvements.

For now, we'll have a very basic version of this in today's v0.6 release. Here's a preview: pencil.writefree.ly/read

And more details: github.com/writeas/writefreely

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