Just got our stickers in the mail! I'll be handing these and our stickers out at next weekend - @matt

@write_as @matt Would be great to meet up! Will be there with a lot of #Feneas and #Socialhome stickers :)

@jaywink @write_as Awesome! Let's definitely meet up.

I'll be at the beer event, AP roundtable, and places in between. Happy to meet up at a specific time or figure it out as the weekend gets closer

@ivan Yep, same goes -- it'd be great to meet up and chat! Let me know if you want to set up a particular time or play it by ear

@write_as @jaywink

@matt No particular opinion (I didn't look at talk schedule yet); I'll try to pay attention to fediverse. If you use XMPP I'm gonna try to be online too. Same JID as my webfinger address. Let me know so I can whitelist your domain, or something.

....although, this got me thinking, maybe we can organize on IRC (freenode?) or we can spin up an XMPP chatroom with anonymous login?

@jaywink @write_as

@matt @ivan @write_as will be mostly hanging around with the #Feneas crowd myself, in Brussels as well from thursday to monday. A lot of us hang out on #Matrix room and the Freenode equivalent #feneas - welcome to join the chat, many #fediverse people there.

@jaywink @write_as @matt I spun up a chatroom, details

I'll join on Freenode. Is there an XMPP bridge to the Matrix room?
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