Trying to gauge potential interest in supporting publications on that are larger than simple personal blogs. Sound interesting, or unnecessary? We'd love your input.

@write_as Isn't that basically what a WriteFreely instance is?

@Kye Sure, in an open / less-structured way. But we're thinking something with more formal processes, e.g. "writer" and "editor" roles for controlling what's eventually published.

@write_as Sounds like a good idea. Both as a thing and as a feature on WriteFreely.

Lack of good, light, simple publishing tools probably holds back a lot of people from making publications.

Have you read about Smashing Magazine's transition to a Hugo-based publishing pipeline?

WriteFreely could become a CMS for publications. Then people could have something like what Smashing Magazine has without needing a big magazine's development budget.

@write_as And you could helpfully provide managed publication backends as a valuable added service. :blobcatcoffee:

@write_as Not directly an answers to his question but the feature I'd love to see is latex support via katex or mathjax please.
Thank's for supporting the federation

@derle We do actually have MathJax support today 👍 You can enable it on your blog's Customize page

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