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We're doing something a little different this year — trying to encourage more people to start a blog with a sale on Pro. For all of tomorrow, you can get a year of Pro for 25% off our normal price — just $45 per year.

Besides giving you all the features we offer, your subscription helps directly fund development. Just upgrade between 12:01am and 11:59pm UTC to lock in this price permanently.

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Just five hours left to get 25% off Pro for — we've extended the deadline to 11:59pm EST.

To get started, just grab a yearly Pro account here:

Have questions about today's sale? Check out this forum thread about it:

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@write_as How is the activitypub integration at this time? Cyber Monday sale 

@PresGas All the basics are there, working with all major platforms. You can follow blogs, receive new posts in the fediverse, boost them. Plus ActivityPub mentions are almost finished ( which will enable more interactivity. Cyber Monday sale 

@write_as That is EXACTLY what I was wanting to see. I was looking at Plume as well and would like to see the features in parity.


@write_as love yall but honestly cybermonday is a capitalistic trap and encouraging it is a bad look

@liaizon I'm right there with you. But I wanted to do this in our own way and try to turn it into something less crappy. Not about pointless consumption, more about feeding the people who make these fedi writing tools. Cyber Monday sale 

@write_as Is there a specific page to order from? Because wherever I go the price is still listed as 60 USD for the yearly pro plan. Cyber Monday sale 

@tara Oof, silly mistake on our end that made the sale end early. Sorry!

Please check now -- you should see the discounted price on the site. Then all you need to do is upgrade to Pro yearly, like normal. Cyber Monday sale 

@write_as I saw the option, but I accidentally refreshed the browser and it reverted back to 60 USD. Help! Cyber Monday sale 

@tara Ahh, try now! Cyber Monday sale 

@write_as That was exciting. Haha. Did it! Thanks! Cyber Monday sale 

@tara Haha, awesome! Thanks for upgrading, and sorry about all the issues.

Let me know if you ever need help with anything. Cyber Monday sale 

@write_as No problem! Glad to support the project. :) And will do!

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