Last day of our New Year sale 

Happy last day of the year — and decade!

Our sale for the upcoming new year ends today, so it's a great time to grab an annual Pro subscription for 20% off the normal price! Best of all, you'll keep the discounted price for every year after 2020, as long as your subscription stays active.

Using in the new year 

One way to use in the new year: start a newsletter!

A Pro subscription comes with — an easy way to send your writing out to subscribers via email, and publish to a beautifully simple blog at the same time.

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Using in the new year 

Our Pro subscription also lets you publish to @readwriteas, our tight-knit community of readers and writers on the platform. This makes it easy to reach readers from day one, without any extra effort.

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Using in the new year 

You can also share your photos and visual art in the new year with @snap_as — included with your Pro subscription.

It's a great way to host photos for your blog, or show them off on a nice gallery, like @matt's page: (a one-time $10 fee unlocks the gallery feature).

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Using in the new year 

Overall, we want to help more people express themselves on the web in 2020, and we hope our tools might help out with this. You can find everything you'd get with a Pro subscription here:

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And while I mentioned some of our features that are exclusive to today, of course you can get the same writing experience with the free and open-source software behind it all, .

Find a federated instance to join here:

Start your own instance here:

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This is why I love the community, you have a business but yet offer up the software to March independently. How cool is that? I sub BTW but still think this is cool.👍🏻

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