Want a distraction free space to draft emails, make notes, and write out ideas with the peace of mind that your writing will always be there when you come back?

We created a new Glitch app that turns the editor into an autosaving notepad. Check it out here:

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Looks good. I tried it logged into both and glitch and also without being logged in.

Some questions:

Are we supposed to remix the glitch app or are we all supposed to use that same app?

Where is the note saved? How does the app know where to find it, especially if I'm not logged in. Is it perhaps saved to local browser storage?

Does this create an anonymous post? If so, what's the URL for that post?

What's the mechanism that keeps my post private only to me?


Hi there! Glad you like it.

You don't have to remix the app or log in to to use it.

Notes are saved in local browser storage, so it saves the text in the editor wherever you left it off. Local browser storage also ensures whatever you write is private to you, even if someone else is using the app.

This app isn't meant to publish posts. It's more to be used like a scratchpad.

Hope that makes sense and let us know if you have more questions!


Thanks, this answers all my questions. Very nice app.

This is another in the line of small convenient-at-times apps supplementing the broad effort; e.g., the glitch blog search app, the hashtags lister, htmlhouse (, etc. These are all a nice-to-have, in addition to the other parts of the overall system already in place or under development, such as,,, etc.

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