There are some great free & open source options for adding comments to your @write_as blog! This walkthrough explores some commenting options, including inline comments with Hypothesis! We'd love to hear what you use too:

@write_as on that topic, how can I control my federated account and see responses I get on other fediverse services? For example: if someone on Mastodon responds to my post, how can I see that?

@thenewoil At the moment you need a Mastodon account to manually check for and reply to responses on your federated blog.

Soon we'll make that process a little easier with ActivityPub mentions, allowing you to @ mention your Mastodon account in a blog post so you'll automatically get notifications on Mastodon anyone replies to your federated posts. Feel free to check out the pull request of this feature for more context:

@write_as This account I'm writing you from is Mastodon, is there a way to link them? Or am I misunderstanding the process? Do you have documentation? Thanks!

@thenewoil No problem!

So when writing your blog post, you'll mention your Mastodon account like you normally do here. When the post is published on your blog's Federated account, you'll be notified on your Mastodon account that your federated blog @ mentioned you in a post. If someone replies to that blog post, you'll receive notifications via Mastodon account since you're @ mentioned.

Does that make sense? We'l be sure to release a guide about it when the feature comes out.

@write_as So for example I could put at the bottom "Be sure to follow thenewoil@freeradical(dot)zone for more updates)" and that would activate it?

Also do you mean that feature is not currently available?

@thenewoil Exactly! That would activate it. And yes, it's not available yet but we'll announce when it's live.

@write_as That would be a very useful feature. Please keep me updated, and I'll be sure to check out your original comments post in the meantime!

@write_as is there any possibility of being a more first-class citizen in the fediverse? That is, I'd like ActivityPub responses to blog posts to appear below the blog post, and able to reply to them from the blog account directly, similar to what most WordPress blogs seem to do, but in a truly federated fashion.

We're definitely looking to do more of this in the future - it will be a big part of what @remark_as will shape up to be.

In a step towards this direction we'll be adding @ mentions to @write_as soon which will allow you to do things similar to this. Here's an example of the use case we had in mind:

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