New theme coming from @mara_cav_! Thanks for giving us permission to share your blog's theme with the & community!

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@write_as @mara_cav_ would be fancy if the #Google fonts were removed. Since they are open source you could self host it or using a different open fonts instance without logging to get the data from.

@tobi Thanks! Do you (or anyone) know of any good open font instances? Definitely open to suggestions and we're sure @mara_cav_ & others would appreciate it too!

@write_as @mara_cav_ not sure. Let's ask the Fediverse. Meanwhile I'll check some instances too.

what about just downloading them and putting them into your repo or whatever? why do you need a CDN?
@tobi @mara_cav_

@perflyst Totally agree — this is more for users who want to use a CDN for their fonts but are looking for good alternatives to Google Fonts.
@tobi @mara_cav_

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