@matt will be doing a website tour tomorrow at 8pm EDT! He’ll be chatting about his own personal web projects and how they led to and (along with a lot of discussion about them too).

It should be a great time and we'd love to see you there!

Just a reminder that @matt will be chatting about personal websites, online writing, & the fediverse tonight at 8PM EDT!

The call will be hosted on & recorded for those who can't attend. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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@write_as @matt

Hi there,

I would have loved to be there but because:
1. it'll be at 2am
2. you're using zoom
I will not be present...

Enjoy yourselves.

@write_as @matt will this be recorded? Would be nice for the other side of the world to be able to see this too. :)

It will be recorded @kev so you'll be able to see it afterwards. We'll let you know when the video is out!

@write_as @matt

Hi @mikemac! Someone else is hosting this event, not @matt, otherwise we would've chose Jitsi instead! Maybe there's still time for us to recommend another provider to the host. I think they might have a Jitsi server themselves we can ask to use instead if that means people would be more willing to attend.


Hi @cjeller. That would be a great idea if it can be done in time. Jitsi is certainly more of an ideal solution as it lines up with' values more than Zoom does. If it cannot be changed in time, I look forward to watching the recorded video (hopefully hosted on' Peertube)!

@matt @write_as

So I talked with the organizer and it looks like the chat will be on their Jitsi server instead of Zoom! Hope that's better for everyone and incentivizes more to stop by,

@mikemac @matt @write_as

Sadly going to be the recorded version for me. Can't wait :)


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