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@write_as is there a github page where I can report feedback? Picking a font in the modern editor is not accessible to screen readers because the link is labeled incorrectly.

@write_as I submitted my first bug report! Is there a way I can change the spacing?

Because every time I double space, it leaves 2 hard blank lines. So, screen readers read like this.

hi. Blank blank. This is my blog. Blank blank. I hope you like it.

It makes it impossible to read. Can I change that?

@write_as For example, I don't want my screen reader to announce a blank line every time I insert a paragraph break. It's extremely annoying, and your site is the only one that does this for some reason. doesn't do that when I write in Markdown, which makes content far, far, easier to read. Can I turn this hard paragraph break OFF but still make 2 breaks?


This? But have screen readers read...


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