Recent experimental changes on have started making their way over to , and are open for review and comments! 1/


#356 Draft list paging -

Now you can page through your Drafts section, instead of scrolling endlessly. This also means a faster-loading page, especially when you have a ton of drafts. This needs one final piece before being ready to merge, but we'd appreciate any reviews in the meantime!

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#369 Support Web Monetization -

We've started experimenting with the standard, so readers can stream payments to writers. This is a very early feature, but we want to get feedback from everyone as soon as possible, so we can build this around you.

More discussion on the forum:

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#371 Navigation improvements -

A few months ago, as we worked on collaborative blogs on, we quietly rolled out some navigation improvements. They made it easier to get around different blog sections (Customize, Stats, View) and get back to the editor -- plus they made things more consistent. Now we're happy to bring these changes to ! This pull request is ready for review and merging.

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