I've been thinking about moving some development resources to their own dedicated space, instead of keeping everything so closely tied to

Any thoughts? Interested in helping with this?

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Interesting. Doesn't it create more time maintenance wise, and if so do you have the resources to spend that time?

@darius @sexybiggetje Definitely a good point.

Moving the GitHub repos wouldn't add any ongoing maintenance work, just the initial work reorganizing things. So we could handle that.

But separate API docs, developer resources, etc. would require extra ongoing work. Probably a little too early for that, resource-wise.

@aris We could definitely use help forking an API library like, renaming it for WriteFreely, and ensuring it doesn't have any functionality left in it.

We could also use help splitting up the writeas-cli repo into writefreely-cli, putting the bulk of the shared code there while maintaining the writeas-cli repo.

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