Today we're excited to launch our very first mobile app, for iOS! Read about it in our latest @writefreely blog post:

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Our new iOS app works with all self-hosted WriteFreely instances back to v0.1, so all you need to do is install the app and log in to your instance to get started!

Learn how to get started with the app here:

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Of course, the iOS app also works with our hosted service, So if you've been waiting to log in to your account on iOS, now you can at last!

Here's how to do that:

(We unfortunately don't have a way to migrate anonymous posts from our v1.0 iOS app today, but we hope to in the future!)

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Last but not least, this iOS app is free and , GPL-licensed software.

You can find the source code and learn how to contribute here:

And if you want to build your own app around WriteFreely, our Swift API library is available to everyone!

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@write_as Thank you for your great work, but when will the Android version be updated? Or did I miss something?

@penguinF We still don't have a timeline on that yet, unfortunately... But we can keep you in the loop!

@write_as @penguinF You are focusing very much on Apple's ecosystem. I assume that may be because you are users of this platform, and it's OK. But it would be nice to support other systems as Android and from non-privative reppositories (f-droid). Thank you!
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