Introducing a new way to monetize your writing: via micropayments and the Web Monetization protocol 💰

Read the full story on @blog:

This is our very first step toward helping writers generate income from work published on our platform.

We decided to start with Web Monetization because the technology aligns directly with our principles — it's an open protocol, friction-free for paying users, and built entirely around privacy.

Enabling Web Monetization on your blog lets members (and subscribers to any other Web Monetization provider in the future) automatically send you micropayments as they read.

See this in action as a Coil subscriber on blogs like Sim Show:

You can also offer exclusive paid content in your posts, unlocked via Web Monetization.

Innkeeper Games is experimenting with this (and all things ) on their blog:

You'll also find Web Monetization support in the next version of (v0.13):

We still need to add support for exclusive content, but we're waiting to see if users need it. There's much more infrastructure needed for this feature in order to verify payments, including additional backend applications out of our control. But if users will find it useful, we'll include the feature and fully document everything.

@write_as Very neat, thank you.

Question -- the API, is it accessible via write.freely instances for their own user blogs and posts?

I would love to use @dino project for creating a posts index.

But my blogs are elsewhere on WF hosts. Thank you!

@rgx @dino Yep! Except where noted in the documentation, everything in the API docs applies to WriteFreely (we just haven't created a separately-branded site for it yet).

You'll simply swap out `` with `https://your.instance` to access the API.

@write_as @dino Thank you, that is excellent!

Dino, would you consider changing your page to allow changing the hard coded address for the instance account?

I would love to create an index, it's my Tech blog's first annivesary this week, and I have many pages which were a pleasure to write and publish.

If you can do that, it would be greatly appreciated -- and I would put the word out in the Fediverse.

Thank you! is my main account.

Main blog is :

@rgx @write_as sounds promising, I'll see what I can do. I just tried some basic api queries and it does seem to return some data. Will let you know when I get something up and running.

@rgx @write_as Hey guys, I've got the new app running at However, I'm running into issues when using it with a WriteFreely instance. It works fine when I pass in `` as the instance name, but won't work when I pass in `` as the instance name and `rgx` as the alias. It looks to be some kind of CORS issue, probaby a server setting?

I created a thread for the issue here:

@dino @write_as Thank you, Dino!

Appreciate your effort, hope we can get it working. I tried with my two write.freely accounts, one being the one, and it did not work. Same with the second one.

It did produce the output with my account, but that one only has a single post atm.

Thank you for working on this. Happy New Year!

@rgx @write_as just checking in. Did you manage to get it to work?

@write_as I really wonder whether it's possible to do something like Flattr with this:

I really like that approach as it keeps content available in the open for everyone, but sets up an automated tipping jar where everyone with the Flattr extension throws in a fraction of their budget when interacting with the content.

WM as you describe it looks more close to the "maybe paywalls become less bad if we automate them? :breadthink: " approach.

@schmittlauch I think this is actually close already -- the paywall is totally optional. Just adding the "monetization" meta tag to a site means visitors automatically start "tipping" when they arrive, so you can keep content completely open if you want.

I do like the idea of explicitly tipping, though (whether through WM or another way). I think we need a combination of ways to pay. But I believe that part of the tech is still in development.

@write_as But since it's based on Blockchain, it's not exactly environmentally friendly! Blockchain technology pitsgreed and modern capitalism against the planet by rewarding ever-increasing power-consumption with a diminishing stream of currency...
@write_as @blog wow, that's huge! It's really cool to see the possibility of people in the fediverse being able to financially support each other's work, without having to rely on something like Patreon.
@sean @write_as @blog

Also, take a look at @corbin's tool to make such fundraising methods easier for users' browsers to find. Corbin, if you can respond with the link, that would be great.

@sean Definitely! Already imagining what it would be like if you could add a payment pointer on your fedi profile, and then you could automatically stream payment to whoever you're interacting with. Seems like a great fit for the fediverse and social media in general.

@write_as @blog so is a payment provider? What if there are more payment providers? Do you as need to implement them all?

And more importantly as an end user, would I end up needing multiple subscriptions to payment providers if my host (in this case doesn't support other providers?

Bit of a noob question. But valid ones I think :)

@sexybiggetje All good questions! Yes, Coil is a payment provider (the only one at the moment). But they're interchangeable behind the Web Monetization standard -- as long they work with WM and we support that standard as a platform, end users get the same experience.

From what I've read, I think the big differentiators between providers would be how much they charge / pay out and how they treat privacy. (For example, this discussion:

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