Write.as turns 6 years old today! 🎂

From an anonymous blogging platform to a minimalist publishing space for 175,000 blogs, we've come far since 2015.

Here's where we are today, plus a special deal to help everyone to celebrate with us 👇

We last announced a major milestone back in May: passing 100,000 blogs after 5 years of living on the internet 🎉

🐦 twitter.com/writeas__/status/1

Today, we host:

175,000 blogs 🌐
1.5 million posts 📝
with 200 million views 👀 across them all

We see over 3,000 new posts and 1 million post views every single day!


Our 5th year was our best yet, as we reached new communities and brought in sustainable levels of revenue 📈

We kept it all within the business, as we invested in projects like our app for iOS and Mac. But at this trajectory, we'll finally be profitable this year 🎊

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With our eye on this next milestone, we have a few goals for our 6th year:

🎥 Helping people get the most out of our platform through documentation, tutorials, etc.
🚛 Helping people migrate from other platforms
🚧 Patching any "potholes" we've come across

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