Thanks for bringing in our 6th year with us this month! 🎂

Birthday discount on Pro 🎂 

Today is the last day to grab a 25% discount on our 5-year Pro plan! This deal lasts until 11:59pm Eastern.

We launched this long-term subscription last year, to look to our next 5 years of building a calm, independent company that'll still be here decades from now.

After other VC-funded companies have come and gone, we'll still be here, answering only to the people who use our software -- because they're the ones who help keep our lights on.


That's why the support we've seen from our users and contributors means the world to me and everyone on our small team. We couldn't have gotten this far without you.

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@write_as The long-term subscription is easily the best investment I ever made for my writing archive. is easily the best platform I've ever used to date.

@toobadyourebeautiful This is so great to hear. Thank you for making it your home, and for supporting us!

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