@write_as I don't use Tor very often, but I thought it was cool you have this accessible via Tor! When I get on, I see the below, is this expected? (Can't take a screenshot from the Tor browser on my CalyxOS phone, apologies for the copy/paste) I don't see the same on https://write.as

{{define "index"}}
Write.as - home
{{template "main-nav" .}}
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{{if .GiveWriting}}

Start writing together. Until June 30, get a Pro subscription, and give one for free.
{{else if .EndOfYearSale}}

New Year Sale! Until December 31, get 25% off an annual or five-year Pro subscription. Learn more.
{{else if gt .Anniversary 0}}

🎂 Write.as is {{.Anniversary}} years old! Get 25% off our five-year Pro plan throughout February. Learn more.

@ben Does that still show up if you refresh the page? Some of that stuff was showing up as we were setting things up, but it *should* be fixed now. Not sure if there's any old data lingering somewhere.

@write_as it all seems to be working great now. That's not appearing anymore and all the links on the page seem to be working. Very cool!
@write_as maybe I was just a little _too_ excited to try it :P thanks for such a quick response!
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