Shopping weekend 2021 

We'll have a few sales on throughout the weekend! But I let this important national holiday slip my mind until today, so not all sales are live yet.

Right now, you can get:

- 25% off our yearly Pro subscription:
- 33% off the @writefreely iOS app:

And there's plenty more to come. I'll post here and on our @deals blog when everything is available 🙂

Shopping weekend 2021 

Okay, everything is live now!

Here's all the discounts we have available from now through the end of .

Read about them in this thread or our @deals blog post:

Shopping weekend 2021 

First up, we have Monthly and yearly plans are both 25% off this weekend! With the discount, those come to just $6.75/month or $54/year.

Besides us offering a first-time discount on the monthly plan, this will also give you access to our upcoming social space, @remark_as, when it launches in December.


Shopping weekend 2021 

Next we have Teams. Our latest feature lets you bring together a group of friends and collaborators to publish on a single blog / newsletter.

This is also 25% off, for as long as you hold the subscription — both an early-access discount and an early Christmas present!

Shopping weekend 2021 

E-books 📖 We have a paid add-on that lets people download your blog as an e-book, and that add-on is 30% off this weekend.

Just $7 will permanently unlock this feature for you — great for sharing your novel, but also useful year-round!

Shopping weekend 2021 

Finally, our @writefreely app for iOS helps you capture and publish your thoughts no matter where you are 📱

That's 33% off, or just $9.99 this weekend.

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