Thank you to everyone who bought something this weekend!

I haven't talked about it much here, but on my @matt blog I've mentioned that finally became modestly profitable earlier this year. It's only enough to sustain a single full-time developer (me), but it means I can keep building this, @writefreely, and our other projects indefinitely.

While these shopping holidays can be quite silly, a sale like this helps us reach new people and bring in some extra cash in a short period of time.

As always, that cash is the only way we keep the lights on. I've been able to work on this full-time for the last 3 years, only because people pay to use So again, thank you!

the cyber monday sale 

As for the actual sale, it's still going on until tonight at 11:59pm Eastern. There are discounts on:

- Pro (25% off - new and existing users)
- Teams (25% off - new users)
- eBook add-on (30% off)
- @writefreely iOS app (33% off)

Hopefully there's something in there you might like. For all the details, see our @deals post:

@write_as That is great to hear! I like WriteFreely for its simplicity, and your response to accessibility problems if there are any. Keep up the good work, and feel free to reach out with questions re #a11y if any come up.

I bought the 5 year subscription a year ago, I'm wondering, do you publish any numbers on user vs users on a paid plan? Just for my interest, a percentage is fine
@matt @writefreely

@sexybiggetje I appreciate that! I've considered making those numbers more public, and might do that in the future.

But happy to share here: right now about 0.4% of all users are paying.

Cool, that's a good value if those numbers are able to provide a full time developer. You make a great product, I'm glad it's becoming sustainable

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