We're turning 7 years old today! 🎂

From a no-signup publishing platform to a home for 350,000 writers, we've continued evolving since 2015.

Here's where we are today, and a little review of the past year 🧵

In the last year, we made a ton of improvements to the platform ✨

We added a new editor that makes it easy to write without Markdown, added better support for newsletter writers, and launched experiments like tiny.write.as.

In that time, the number of blogs and posts on our platform also doubled! Here's where we were on our 6th birthday: writing.exchange/@write_as/105


Today, we host:

360,000 blogs 🌐
3 million posts 📝
with 1 BILLION views 😵 across them all (passed this mark last night!)

We see over 3,000 new posts and more than 4 million views every single day!

As we anticipated on our 6th birthday, we became profitable this year! That means we're decidedly here for the long-run.

Thanks to all of our customers, we can keep the lights on for decades to come, without resorting to outside funding.

A special thanks also goes to our 5-year customers! It means the world to have your support and confidence in what we're building.

5-year subscription sale 

As we did last year, we'd like to make this long-term plan accessible to more people.

So we're again offering our 5-year plan at a 25% discount for the next week! write.as/5years

Besides giving you a worry-free, permanent place for your words on the web, this is a great way to support all the work we're doing.

5-year subscription sale 

Since I forgot to update some text on the website and caused some confusion 😬 I've extended this deal for another week — through the 16th 😌

Get 25% off our 5-year Pro subscription and help support us for the long-run: write.as/5years

5-year subscription sale 

@write_as i definitely hope i can get an extra 180 bucks this month... 😘

i don't even need the plan.

5-year subscription sale 

@write_as Was considering this deal, but when I try to start the purchase it doesn't appear to be at the $3/m pricing or for 5 years.


That's great news! I post occasional tobacco and pipe smoking information on your service.


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