Want your friends to join you on Write.as? Send them an invite!

From your dashboard, hover over your name and click "Invite people." Then you can generate a special link that'll let them sign up for free.

Now it's easier to keep your password-protected blogs private. When you're done reading, just click "Log out" 🔒

Now it's easier to discover our onion site, thanks to the new Onion-Location header supported by the @torproject browser!

We added the new Onion-Location header to Write.as, to make it easier for users to get to our site!

Thanks to @kushal for writing about this new feature in the Tor browser! kushaldas.in/posts/onion-locat

Configure your site with closed registrations, admin-only invites, and an entirely Private instance — ensuring that only registered users can access content there.

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Adding dates to blog posts is just one of many changes & features we've included to the new v0.12 release! Check them all out here: blog.writefreely.org/version-0

Our v0.12 release includes a fresh redesign of the admin dashboard, making it even easier to manage your community.

Learn more about this and other new features here: blog.writefreely.org/version-0

Want to turn your blog into an eBook? We just launched a new feature to do just this — eBook exports for all your blogs & hashtagged posts!

We'd love for you to try it out. Take a look at our announcement to learn how to participate: discuss.write.as/t/ebook-add-o

Just released some updates to our billing system — now all of your add-ons will show up on a single bill, and you can see your exact costs for the next cycle.

Hopefully this makes it easier to plan out your expenses and see exactly what you're getting with Write.as.


We just pushed a change on @write_as that adds the publish date on blog posts when a blog is set to the "Blog" display format. This finally makes the post view consistent with the blog's index page.

Would love to get your feedback on how it looks & works. Learn more here: discuss.write.as/t/adding-date

Making private instances more streamlined with a recent pull request. When logged out, the "Log in" page becomes the default landing page and the "Reader" is hidden in the footer (screenshot attached) - perfect for teams and organizations with private instances.

Check out the pull request for full context: writefreely.org/pull/274

We'd love to get your feedback, especially with how we can make the private instance experience better.

At we had writers respond to a small prompt: "Describe a place that feels like home"

You can read some of the responses on @readwriteas: read.write.as/t/awp

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Just got our stickers in the mail! I'll be handing these and our Write.as stickers out at next weekend - @matt

We now support MathJax! Just go to your blog settings page under the Text Rendering section, and enable MathJax.

Forum discussion here: discuss.write.as/t/new-formatt

It's official: our first desktop app will be for Linux / FreeDesktop.org-compliant desktops.

And it's coming out this week 😀

I've fixed the editor so that Grammarly doesn't mess it up anymore. So if you had previously disabled their extension on Write.as, feel free to enable it again 🎉

Now posts sent to the include any you've added, so they'll show up in searches 🔎

(They also support !)

Got a good bit of joy from responding to this email and saying we don't accept any advertising.

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