We just pushed a change on @write_as that adds the publish date on blog posts when a blog is set to the "Blog" display format. This finally makes the post view consistent with the blog's index page.

Would love to get your feedback on how it looks & works. Learn more here: discuss.write.as/t/adding-date

Making private instances more streamlined with a recent pull request. When logged out, the "Log in" page becomes the default landing page and the "Reader" is hidden in the footer (screenshot attached) - perfect for teams and organizations with private instances.

Check out the pull request for full context: writefreely.org/pull/274

We'd love to get your feedback, especially with how we can make the private instance experience better.

At we had writers respond to a small prompt: "Describe a place that feels like home"

You can read some of the responses on @readwriteas: read.write.as/t/awp

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Just got our stickers in the mail! I'll be handing these and our Write.as stickers out at next weekend - @matt

We now support MathJax! Just go to your blog settings page under the Text Rendering section, and enable MathJax.

Forum discussion here: discuss.write.as/t/new-formatt

It's official: our first desktop app will be for Linux / FreeDesktop.org-compliant desktops.

And it's coming out this week πŸ˜€

I've fixed the editor so that Grammarly doesn't mess it up anymore. So if you had previously disabled their extension on Write.as, feel free to enable it again πŸŽ‰

Now posts sent to the include any you've added, so they'll show up in searches πŸ”Ž

(They also support !)

Got a good bit of joy from responding to this email and saying we don't accept any advertising.

Did you know you can schedule your Write.as blog posts? Just publish, edit metadata, and change the Published date to the one you want.

Just got the postcards we'll be handing out at our TechDay booth in NYC next Thursday 😍

Pro users will now find a 30-day visitor overview on their blog's Stats page!

Good news! A yearly Pro subscription is now only $40.

If you're already an annual Pro subscriber, get the new pricing by switching to the monthly plan and then back again, as shown here. write.as/me/plan writing.exchange/media/ct2vEGF

Now you can delete Snap.as photos, and it'll let you know if doing so will mess up any of your Write.as posts πŸ‘ writing.exchange/media/uNhNn_K

We're starting to localize all blogs and show common elements in the language you're writing in. Today, you'll see dates in the correct format πŸ“…

Something not look right? Simply edit a post's metadata and fix its language to get the right format. writing.exchange/media/-fvvOPq

Just launched Snap.as for all Pro @write_as users! πŸŽ‰ Now you can upload photos for your blog and give them a permanent home πŸ–Ό

It's pretty bare-bones today, but does what it says, and will do much more in the near future. writing.exchange/media/1NghuZ7

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