Last few days of our New Year Sale 

It's the last week of the year and the last couple days of our New Year Sale! Get 33% off our iOS app and an extra 25% off Pro 🎊

WriteFreely iOS app sale 

As part of our New Year sale, you can also get 33% off our :writefreely2: app for iOS — just $9.99 once, to keep forever.

Of course, this app works great not only with, but with any other WriteFreely instance!

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You'll also find Web Monetization support in the next version of (v0.13):

We still need to add support for exclusive content, but we're waiting to see if users need it. There's much more infrastructure needed for this feature in order to verify payments, including additional backend applications out of our control. But if users will find it useful, we'll include the feature and fully document everything.

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We just released v1.0.1 of our iOS app!

This update comes with plenty of quality-of-life improvements, plus some bug fixes. See the full changelog on the forum:

We just released a new beta version of our iOS app! If you're a tester, you can get the latest release on TestFlight now.

Of course, the iOS app also works with our hosted service, So if you've been waiting to log in to your account on iOS, now you can at last!

Here's how to do that:

(We unfortunately don't have a way to migrate anonymous posts from our v1.0 iOS app today, but we hope to in the future!)

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Our new iOS app works with all self-hosted WriteFreely instances back to v0.1, so all you need to do is install the app and log in to your instance to get started!

Learn how to get started with the app here:

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Today we're excited to launch our very first mobile app, for iOS! Read about it in our latest @writefreely blog post:

After a long summer of work, our iOS app is dropping today! Keep an eye out for our announcement soon.

We've updated the Apps page to include supported platforms and our own brand new iOS app (leaving beta soon)!

Our WriteFreely iOS app is now in beta! 🎉

With this, you can finally publish to any instance (including from your iPhone or iPad.

Learn how to join the beta in this post from @angelostavrow:

I've been thinking about moving some development resources to their own dedicated space, instead of keeping everything so closely tied to

Any thoughts? Interested in helping with this?

#371 Navigation improvements -

A few months ago, as we worked on collaborative blogs on, we quietly rolled out some navigation improvements. They made it easier to get around different blog sections (Customize, Stats, View) and get back to the editor -- plus they made things more consistent. Now we're happy to bring these changes to ! This pull request is ready for review and merging.

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#369 Support Web Monetization -

We've started experimenting with the standard, so readers can stream payments to writers. This is a very early feature, but we want to get feedback from everyone as soon as possible, so we can build this around you.

More discussion on the forum:

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#356 Draft list paging -

Now you can page through your Drafts section, instead of scrolling endlessly. This also means a faster-loading page, especially when you have a ton of drafts. This needs one final piece before being ready to merge, but we'd appreciate any reviews in the meantime!

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Recent experimental changes on have started making their way over to , and are open for review and comments! 1/

We're looking to improve our / developer resources in the near future, and want to hear what you'd like to see!

Let us know on the forum:

We're working on an open source WriteFreely app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad!

Read more about our latest project on the forum:

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