Have any input on the in ? We're working on small, gradual improvements now, and we'd love to hear your feedback!


via @writeas_dev /

The new theme this week has been a long time coming - our official "Dark mode" for the default blog theme! It pairs nicely with the dark mode of the editor.


Follow @themes for more custom themes to use for your Write.as or blog!

And while I mentioned some of our features that are exclusive to Write.as today, of course you can get the same writing experience with the free and open-source software behind it all, .

Find a federated instance to join here: writefreely.org/instances

Start your own instance here:

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New Year Sale 

v0.11.2 is out now! This is an important update that fixes bugs with federation, among other things — we recommend all admins upgrade.

Read more on the @writefreely blog: blog.writefreely.org/version-0

Did you know you can create your own editor to publish to Write.as / ? We created a Glitch app to showcase this, using the SimpleMDE Markdown editor! (simplemde.com)

Try it out here: simplemde-writeas.glitch.me

We have a new Write.as / theme this week from our community! This one comes by way of Scotland, from @matt.


Write.as Cyber Monday sale 

Want to talk about federation on ? No need to sign up for our forum -- we'll also be hanging out on SocialHub:


Feel free to stop by and ask questions or start conversations!

Want to get involved with development?

We just added a "Good First Issues" label in our development tracker, and our first task up for grabs: adding ActivityPub "attachments" information for images included in a post.

Learn more about how to get started on that here: phabricator.write.as/project/p

This month, to coincide with , we've made some Pro features free for everyone. But whether you're participating or not, we'll also be sharing ways you can use Write.as / to get your story out on the platform -- no matter what form it takes.

Here's our guide on how to set a blog up for your story with our "Novel" format:


We've joined other fediverse projects on the SocialHub forum, with dedicated categories for and ! Feel free to join us over there.

WriteFreely: socialhub.activitypub.rocks/c/

Pherephone: socialhub.activitypub.rocks/c/

Looks like the videos from are up now! Check them out on Peertube: @apconf

Included is my talk (@matt) about how we're building and our other projects.

"Federated Blogging with WriteFreely"


We would love to know more about how you use Write.as / . Let us know (and get a sneak peek at our upcoming submission manager) via Submit.as!


It's also a great time to grab a free account! Accounts created on August 1 or later (eastern US time) will have a limit on the number of posts they can create for free.

Besides helping us reach sustainability sooner, with these changes we want to encourage people to spread out across other instances. There are already some great ones to pick from!


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We're going to phase out our Casual plan for new users next month, as we move towards a focus on our apps and helping more instances get started.

Read more on @intheopen: write.as/intheopen/casual-phas

We like to talk about how lightweight is by saying it's "light enough to run on a Raspberry Pi." But to actually do that, you'd need to go through the work of compiling everything yourself.

Well, not anymore. Now we'll be releasing ARMv7 builds that can run on a Raspberry Pi, starting with WriteFreely v0.10.

Download that build here:

Coming in v0.10: more control over your home page! As the admin of a multi-user instance, you'll be able to:

* Change the content of the home page (as seen here: pencil.writefree.ly)

* Change the default page that non-users land on (e.g. instead of the home page, it could be your About page, or a specific blog)

Both and are only a couple stars away from 1,000 on GitHub! Why not send them over the threshold? ⭐

WriteFreely :writefreely2:

Plume :plume:

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