For a while, users weren't able to follow / WriteFreely blogs from Mastodon if their instance's "Authorized Fetch" feature was enabled.

We just fixed that on, so now you shouldn't have any trouble following blogs! We could also use your help reviewing and verifying this fix in :

Getting ready to announce full support for on today!

I should also have a post on @matt around how we implemented it, and thoughts on distributing via different channels like the .

We've reached a point where we'd like to start developers to work on the roadmap 💻 :writefreely2:

This would be remote, contract-based work for now, with a chance to go full-time later in the year (assuming all continues going well). You'd be creating free / open source software.

I'll have more details soon, but especially if you're a / developer and want to work on a growing project, I'd love to hear from you!

support on was just the first part of what I wanted to create for the :fediverse: Next, I wanted a place to read everything in peace.

Here's just the start of that second part:, built from scratch to be and .

Soon you'll be able to create an account on the instance, and follow platforms like and that federate long-form articles — for now it just needs to be run locally.

Now posts sent to the include any you've added, so they'll show up in searches 🔎

(They also support !)

: if you have a custom domain on, what should your handle be?


others? Do you want to be able to choose it yourself, instead of having a default?

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