We've reached a point where we'd like to start developers to work on the roadmap 💻 :writefreely2:

This would be remote, contract-based work for now, with a chance to go full-time later in the year (assuming all continues going well). You'd be creating free / open source software.

I'll have more details soon, but especially if you're a / developer and want to work on a growing project, I'd love to hear from you!

support on Write.as was just the first part of what I wanted to create for the :fediverse: Next, I wanted a place to read everything in peace.

Here's just the start of that second part: Read.as, built from scratch to be and .

Soon you'll be able to create an account on the Read.as instance, and follow platforms like and that federate long-form articles — for now it just needs to be run locally.


Now posts sent to the include any you've added, so they'll show up in searches 🔎

(They also support !)

: if you have a custom domain on Write.as, what should your handle be?


others? Do you want to be able to choose it yourself, instead of having a default?

Writing Exchange

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